Readings with Tania

A great opportunity for you to receive a personal reading from Tania to get clarity and support for one to three important questions. Tania will access your astrology and numerology Soul birth code AND tune in to your current personal cycles. Find out whether your current name is fortunate or challenging, focus on your career direction and nature of your divine mission, relationships, most fortunate dates for planning in the future, fortunate business names, impact of your address number, and overall future forecast.


Tania’s most in-depth oracle reading of your Divine mission and how it unfolds now and into the future. You'll discover how you are uniquely designed to hold the reigns so you can implement your Soul's birth promise at the highest vibrational level. Understand how your star code reveals your natural spiritual resources and direction in this lifetime – freeing you from any confusion, so you may utilize your gifts to enrich many lives and be of service during the great Ascension happening now. Get crystal clear on your SOUL's desires – as you get crystal clear and set intentions for Present-Time manifestation!

The 1.5 hour Royal Code Reading is inspirational and practical – exploring both personal and business, including best windows of time travel, best places to live (Astro-Cartography), your partnerships, business branding, naming of products and titles, planning important events – any question or topic you are ready to unlock at a Soul-level!

“If there are any future or current entrepreneurs out there, please do yourself a favor and invest in the Royal Code Reading. It was the most amazing reading I've ever had. Tania not only helped me choose a favorable company name, she also provided me with particular fortunate dates to launch the business as well product ideas and colors for the logo. I am so glad that I scheduled the reading before launching my business as she helped set me up to succeed in a big way!”
Stephanie Morrison
I had an AMAZING counseling session with you. You had reinforced me using my new name over my old name for my website & business.I want you to know, 7 months later I was given the opportunity to be on NBC Chicago NonStop, Reality TV show ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’. It’s being aired for the 2nd time now, and the contestant I worked with lost the most amount of weight (83 pounds in 3 months). Chicago Social magazine put my photo with caption in their March issue. I also appeared on NBC local with AMTA. Am now getting ready to be featured in Groupon. You also mentioned I had 3 of the most powerful numbers. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
Hope Jelinek Berry

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