Numerology Academy is the world’s first online training course in Astro-Numerology – a comprehensive, highly specific program for coaches and healers, beginners through established professionals, who want a new tool to elevate their clients and have more impact on the world. We currently have hundreds of students in over thirty countries worldwide. All our trainings are video-based and include supporting PDFs and mp3 sound files as well as in-depth monthly support calls with Tania.

The program is focused on learning the 3 Principles of a person’s Soul Birth Code, the basics of future forecasting, and how to calculate CURRENT names so that they have a fortunate spelling (most names resonate to a challenging number). You may choose to become a Certified Numerology Academy Practitioner, so you can offer professional-level Astro-Numerology readings to paying clients.  Whether you’re already an established coach or healer OR embarking on creating a heart-centered business for the first time, this is the starting point of a journey into the essence of the Soul that will change your life!

Abundance is far more than a result based on an intention you set… Did you know the numbers closest to you are constantly attracting or repellingabundance all day long? Learn how your birth code unlocks an abundance attraction formula that is unique to YOU… and how to choose fortunate numbers for any address (including for two head-of-households), phone numbers, product price-points, airline seats, license plates, even hotel room numbers! ALL can work in your favor IF you know the secret to choosing abundance codes. Discover the magical world of generating prosperity with abundance numbers, which numbers to avoid at all costs, and how to applythese fortunate codes to your life!

Did you know that your current name resonates to a challenging or fortunate number? The name you choose to use right now has such a BIG impact on your life, it’s the first thing I check with any new client! Think of your current name as your “spiritual calling card.” You only want ONE card, not two or more so you don’t dissipate energy – and you definitely want it to be fortunate!

Most people have a current name that adds up to a challenging number and struggle under the weight of negative, distracting energy of their name vibration day after day. Far fewer people benefit from a fortunate name – a fortunate frequency that sets them free to express their divine mission at optimum levels. Now learn how to read and change any current name (personal or business) and create new fortunate spellings if the name is challenging! Be a catalyst in helping yourself and others generate a positive shift, so they finally experience effortless joy, peace of mind and abundance

Discover your Personal Wealth Formula! Using her unique system of Astro-Numerology, Tania Gabrielle reveals a powerful, secret formula the wealthy elite have known for millenia. The Prosperity Power System is your ticket to abundance and happiness. Features special guest speaker, hand-analyst Baeth Davis, who will show you how your fingerprint data line up with your birth numbers to create success.

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