I have four siblings. Some of them were given nicknames which are still in use among family members to this day.
My sister Eva was given the nickname Evi. Another sister was named Elisa, but has been called Lisa or Lisel. Both of them have switched to their given names in the last few years. Guess who’s usually the last to honor a person’s name reclamation.
Yup, family members. And that would include me.
Looking at Evi vs. Eva from a numerological perspective, I know why my sister is opting for Eva. Besides sounding much more confident, it’s a name for winners, unique individuals and doers.
Perfect, because her dream right now is one of great achievement.
Eva is a singer with a contract to release her first commercial album with a huge record label this autumn. By choosing her birth name ‘Eva’ she’s giving herself the individuality to stand apart, plus the authority to rise to the top. Eva resonates to originality and self-confidence. A perfect fit for her goals.
The difference one letter can make is huge. In her case it was changing from an ‘I’ to an ‘A’.
My other sister added a missing letter to her nickname. Instead of Lisa, she’s back to Elisa. Again, the difference in the resulting number is a mega-change. Adding the ‘E’ makes her a unique leader in her chosen field as a life-coach. The letter ‘E’ at the beginning of her name also opens up all lines of communication.
I’m fully on board now, calling my sisters by their given birth names. It’s obvious to me my parents were inspired when they named their kids. Now I want to join and honor my sister’s powerful birthright.
Because their names add up to their destiny.
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Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
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