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Personal Numerology Blueprint
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____ Yes Tania, I want you to create my 30+ page Personal Numerology Blueprint so that I can discover my Life Purpose, my Special Gifts and my Destiny. I also want to receive a 30-minute private Intuitive Counseling Callwith you by phone, during which I may ask you any questions about whether my current name is fortunate, my life, relationships, career and my personal forecast. I also understand that you will be e-mailing my Personal Numerology Blueprint to me as soon as it is ready. If I am one of the first 10 people to order this month, I will receive my Personal Numerology Blueprint and Intuitive Counseling Call for only $297.00 (normally $397.00).

____ Tania, I only want my Personal Numerology Blueprint. I understand that you will be e-mailing my Personal Numerology Blueprint to me as soon as it is ready. I understand I will receive my Personal Numerology Blueprint for only $297.00 (normally $397.00), a 33% savings.

Note: While we will make every effort to deliver your order to you sooner, please allow 2-3 weeks for the creation of your Personal Numerology Blueprint, each one of which Tania creates in person.

What Tania does goes way beyond simply reading a few numbers. She tailors each blueprint to each person, integrating her intuition as well as the facts about all the figures. She's making a real difference in peoples' lives. May yours be next.
Matthew Furey Tampa, FL,
I wish I had seen my numerology blueprint years ago – it has cost me a lot of pain and “learning” not to mention legal fees to learn some of the things you bring out. Very Strong – A few things in there I had just figured out a few years ago, one thing only 6 months ago. I am impressed.
Charles S., Boca Raton, FL
Thank you so much for this wonderful blueprint and Fortunate Name Report. It is truly incredible and very valuable. Thank you for your wonderful work.
Brigitte van Tuijl
Thank you so much. I must say, reading my entire blueprint, it's the complete truth, and it brought tears to my eyes because every single bit of it is absolutely true. Thank you so much for what you do. =)
This goes way beyond simply deciphering the vibration of the name or extracting some inherent meaning, I feel as though you have given me the operating manual to my identity that has always been missing. This is not something you just read once. The insights that you were able to draw out of both my given and assumed names were so revealing and personal I have only shared them with a few close friends.
Gerome Shortt

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