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Here is your “2012 Code” Quantum Shift Video

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Register for Tania’s special three-hour
Virtual Video Intensive on
How to Harness the Divine Law
of Abundance in 2013!

LIVE until January 28, 2013

Next Year, in 2013, the Divine Law of Abundance is being activated for ALL of us in a very profound way. 

Your opportunity to attract and manifest Money will be 
greater than ever before. The time to take advantage of this incredible opportunity is right at the BEGINNING of 2013.

So… for the first time ever I am going to teach an online seminar, “How to Harness the Divine Law of Abundance in 2013.”

During this three-hour “virtual intensive”, I’ll be showing you ALL the nuts and bolts:

  • Universal numerology codes for 2013 and how they affect you personally
  • Important planetary alignments
  • The special Pythagorean Planes of Expression Chart for 2013
  • Forecasts for all the individual signs of the horoscope
  • Abundance Action steps to get you energetically aligned with your money goals

This will be a Virtual Abundance Intensive to set you up for a spectacular opportunity in 2013.

See how the numbers line up next year to unlock your Soul’s astro-numerology codes so you can easily MONETIZE your gifts while putting down an abundance foundation that lasts.

2013 gifts us with a spectacular invitation to create an unprecedented and NEW kind of WEALTH.

But you must know how the codes work!

There’s never been quite anything like this before – an opportunity of planetary and numerological alignments that opens doors for all of us to be free, empowered, abundant and happy!

I’m really looking forward to connecting with you during this three-hour special virtual coaching event!

**This special virtual intensive will be recorded so you can return to it anytime until January 28, 2013 for inspiration after it airs.

Your investment: $87