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LIVE Online Webinar Intensive!

“Face Your Fears… and Prosper in 2013”

A three-hour virtual seminar presenting Tania's in-depth insights on how to
successfully navigate May through November, 2013
when the Astro-Numerology in the heavens really intensifies!
Discover astounding success principles you can use to shed resistance
so you can share your light and consciously create Abundance.

**This Event is over and is now available for Replay.**


Here’s what we’ll cover during this 3-hour online webinar intensive:

  • The area of your life where you are experiencing a huge “reality check”.
  • The specific timeline for when you will be experiencing major transformation, rebirth and change.
  • How the revolutionary “Pluto square Uranus” alignment triggers a huge build-up… and release of stress.
  • Discover what ALL twelve “Pluto square Uranus” positions in the zodiac mean, including for YOU personally, so you’re equipped to address the core areas of your life that undoubtedly will be transformed.
  • See how the numbers code for May 2013 triggers a change of consciousness… and how everything changes from this point in time onwards!
  • How to alchemize the astrounding astro-numerology in 2013 into Abundance!
  • *** INCLUDES: Your personal “2013: Face Your Fears… and Prosper AstroNumerology Chart”! This chart includes the important planetary alignments over the next 6 months, and will be created for you once you register. You’ll be referring to this chart during the webinar.

Your investment: $87.00


Only a limited amount of virtual tickets will be made available!

**Event may be viewed as often as you wish through November, 2013**