Your Wealthy Name Code!

I want to share a big secret with you. Did you know your NAME has a BIG influence on your quality of life? I know this may sounds strange, but YOUR NAME is your most powerful asset.

Why? Because the name you are using right now resonates to a VERY SPECIFIC frequency that is either helping you and supporting you, OR making your life challenging and difficult. And that means EVERY part of your life is affected by your name.

Here’s what happens: A challenging current name will always attract more hurdles. More often than not, your life feels out of sync, unfulfilled and incomplete. It’s not that you can’t have success. It’s that something is missing.

Now you can bypass unnecessary obstacles in your life by making sure your current name adds up to a fortunate number!

In Ecclesiastes it says that your name is more important than the most precious ointment. And I agree. Because, with a Fortunate Name …

  • Your life is much more effortless.

  • Doors open that were formerly closed.

  • You become more conscious because you’re not worrying about life like you did before.

  • More Opportunities appear – and they appear at the perfect time.

  • You begin living on your OWN terms – and stop depending on others people’s ideas of who you should be.

  • Supportive people walk into your life unexpectedly and shift you in a powerful way.

When you get “Your Wealthy Name Code” report I’ll check your current name. If your name is challenging, it usually only needs a slight change of spelling in order to resonate to a fortunate number. So I’ll give you at least two Fortunate Alternatives. Usually that means adding, changing or subtracting one letter in your first or last name.

Either way, you can use your new fortunate spelling right away and begin shifting your life! A name change is really that powerful.

This report is also a powerful tool for your business. Use it