A few months ago I had dinner with my friend Dr. Dharma in Tampa. He showed me three photos. I was wowed.
The photos he showed me were of his teacher, Yogi Bhajan. They portrayed different times in his life. By the time I looked at the third photograph I felt like his eyes took me into my own soul and outer space – all at the same time. His gaze was that deep and powerful.
Yogi Bhajan was considered the greatest master of Kundalini Yoga and Mediation of our generation. And so I am going to tell you about his name and numbers today.
His Life Purpose Number is the one I call the ‘Angel Number.’ The true potential for someone who has this vibration is to express himself like an angel in human form. If he allows super-consciousness to manifest through himself.
37 would have made Yogi Bhajan highly sensitive and refined. It would have REQUIRED he maintain a balanced lifestyle that includes inner practices, like meditation, to create a peaceful space.
Right away, we see he claimed his Life Purpose to the highest degree possible.
It also gave him a lightness and energy, which inspires others. Many 37s are natural healers and feel a strong connection with the natural world.
By the way, that lightness of energy was recently displayed on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ by another 37 – Steve Guttenberg. His happiness was totally genuine and is a great example of this uplifting quality.
Of course, 37 adds up to 1, the number of creativity and originality. Yogi Bhajan would have been unusual and have had the courage to wander from the beaten path. He would have wanted the finer things in life that come with growth, success and leadership. Business and religion would have been equally attractive to him.
Wealth would have appeared in his life almost by magic as he trusted his great abilities and manifested them. This is a number of leadership and prominence – one in which his expansive gifts can be expressed. The 7 in 37 points to the spiritual nature of his teaching.
Interestingly people with this number often need grounding, since many can have their head in the clouds. But Yogi Bhajan’s Destiny Number brought him right back down to earth.
His Destiny was to organize and found an enterprise – to become a bedrock to society. He would have had excellent powers of concentration and precision. His mind was logical, penetrating and acute. Laziness in others would have irked him.
This, coupled with the fact that he was always truthful and said what he thought – without mincing words – may have created some challenges.
Aside from the mental powers this Destiny Number gave him, he also had tremendous psychic abilities and was able to see right through people. It would have been nearly impossible to fool him. In fact his perceptive powers would have made him a formidable opponent.
How did I arrive at his Destiny Number. By using his name at birth.
But the current name for most of his life was Yogi Bhajan. Let’s take a look at that name now.
‘Yogi Bhajan’ adds up to one of the most fortunate vibrations of courage and power. It gave him command and authority. It carried the likelihood of great rewards when he used his intellect, imagination and creativity. He certainly did exactly that and led a tremendously rewarding life – rewarding for both himself and his students.
And just as Tenzin Gyatso’s official title is the Dalai Lama, Yogi Bhajan’s was ‘Siri Singh Sahib’. That name also adds up to a highly fortunate number. The Ancient Chaldeans called it ‘The Royal Star of the Lion.’ No other number can challenge the Lion’s strength – and win.
Very fitting for a master. Add all these vibrations together and you get a recipe for tremendous leadership and success.
Again, we see the powerful effect a good name has on fulfilling your Life Purpose and Destiny. Each one of us has a Blueprint which spells out our potential for success. But if your current name is a challenging one, the path is more arduous and carries unexpected hurdles.
Make sure YOUR current name is helping – not hurting – you on route to fulfilling your Destiny.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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