Yesterday I finally picked up the current issue of ESPN


If you go to a
major newsstand pick up a copy and go to page 38. You'll see basketball star
LeBron James holding up two jersey numbers – 6 and 23 – and my commentary on
what they mean for him.


S. Bullock.jpg

On another
note, last week we heard that Sandra Bullock was estranged from her husband
Jesse James.


Well, aside
from their numbers explaining why this relationship was doomed from the start,
I would have advised Sandra not to marry someone who is named after an outlaw
and murderer.


Sandra and
Jesse have no numbers in harmony in their compatibility chart. They also have
three of six categories in conflict.


This is a sure
sign of major challenges.


So why did they
get together.


There is a
‘fateful' connection between them. Sandra has two major 8s in her birth
blueprint and Jesse James has a 13/4 current name.


Anytime you mix
8s and 4s with each other, there are ‘karmic' issues to be worked out from the


Sandra and
Jesse were married on July 16, 2005. The 16 day shows their marriage had very
sudden and unforeseen challenges all along.


For Sandra 2005
was a 22/4 Personal Year. The 4 ties in directly to their fateful 4 and 8 birth
numbers, mentioned earlier. July 2005 was a 29/11 Personal Month for Bullock.
This is very telling, because 29/11 indicates mastering your inner and outer
relationships. 29 tests you for your spiritual strength.


These tests
come from untrustworthy friends, unexpected dangers and uncertainties – like a
cheating husband.


Finally, July
16, 2005 was a 36/9 Personal Day for Sandra. In a cycle, the number 9 is about
culmination and endings. This is not a vibration that resonates with any part
of her birth blueprint.


With Sandra
Bullock's two major 8s – her 26/8 Day of Birth and her 35/8 Life Purpose Number
– she has been able to achieve much. The number 8 gives her strength and power and
leading lady status as well as the ability to overcome obstacles.


But she must be
very careful about people in her life who have the number 4 or 8 prominent in
their blueprint, like Jesse James.


This is
especially true, because ‘Sandra Bullock' adds up to a 15/6 – the number of
magic and alchemy. For most people this would be a highly fortunate name
number, and it certainly has helped Sandra. However, when 15 names are mixed
with major 4s and 8s, like her two 8s and Jesse's 13/4 name, this number usually
attracts darkness and deception.


So I don't
recommend the risk of a 15 name in Sandra's case even with the great rewards
that accompany this magnetic number.


For people who
don't have major 4s or 8s in their birth blueprint, 15 current names are highly


Yes it sounds
complex, which is why it's so important to know what your current name
frequency is attracting to you.


If you do just
one thing, be sure your current name is fortunate and works well with your
birth blueprint. You will save yourself a lot of unnecessary heartbreak –



Tania Gabrielle

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