Monday evening I was on a high, literally and figuratively, flying home on a plane from Tampa, Florida.
This trip was special for numerous reasons.
One was the incredible people I had the opportunity to meet and spend time with. Let me tell you about one of the speakers, Bob Wall. Yes I’m talking about THE Bob Wall, ‘bad guy’ from ‘Enter the Dragon’ fame.
Funny how in that classic film Wall’s character exemplifies the epitome of unhappiness and evil. Then I meet the guy and he turns out to be one of the happiest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to spend time with.
Talk about a magnetic, positively-charged personality.
The week–long seminar had a lineup of extraordinary individuals, some of whom I will tell you about later in the week. Bob Wall sure took the prize for funniest and entertaining. One day after I gave numerology name readings to the large audience, Wall bounded onto the stage immediately embracing the room with gusto and joy.
Before Wall began talking, a 13 minute clip of ‘Enter the Dragon’ was shown. It featured the famous scene where Bruce Lee fights and eventually kills Bob Wall’s character, the horrible villain O’Hara.
Having never seen the movie, I was blown away by Bruce Lee’s intense charisma and fierce intelligence. Sure enough, during his talk, Bob Wall referred to Lee as a genius. Not once but several times. I decided to check out his numbers right then and there.
I expected to see the genius number in either Bruce Lee’s name or day of birth. Was I in for a surprise. Lee not only had this number once – but twice. I understood instantly why he became an icon. AND, why he died so young. The genius number Bruce Lee had is a challenging vibration. When a number like this is doubled up, life is amazingly intense.
Bruce Lee was able to key in on this number’s strong ability to focus and concentrate. Martial arts was the perfect outlet for this actor and world-class athlete, since the genius number is associated with power.
Here’s the catch. The power must not be used for selfish reasons, or it WILL turn destructive. I’m guessing Lee had some powerful enemies as a direct result of his immense success.
Bruce Lee broke many barriers. He was the first male star whose ethnicity transcended all barriers – appealing equally to women and men around the world. He was not really considered Asian. Bruce Lee was the first international star from Asia.
When it came to his untimely death, the genius number did not help matters. People who have this number in their blueprint – – are confronted with challenging situations throughout their life.
Bob Wall was asked how Bruce Lee really died.
‘He had an allergic reaction to cold medicine,’ Wall replied. A few months before, Lee had nearly lost his life from the same allergic reaction. He was never properly diagnosed.
Bruce Lee fell victim to the number that gave him his fame and fortune. A double dose of this ‘genius number’ nearly always signifies tragic circumstances. World-famous or not, numbers have the same effect on anyone. Upheaval is the name of the game for this number.
Sadly, Bruce Lee never woke up after this second allergic reaction shut down his brain.
When asked where Lee would be today, Bob Wall answered, ‘Look, ‘Enter the Dragon’ is a small budget movie made the same year as ‘The Godfather.’ Even so it is one of the highest grossing films ever.’
It was the first Kung Fu film to have been made by a Hollywood studio. It has one of the most influential martial arts scenes ever made – the Nunchaku scene.
By 1977 ‘Enter the Dragon’ was listed as one of the twenty most profitable movies in the history of cinema. Wall continued, ‘Bruce Lee would be a living legend today if he was still alive.’
Luckily for us, Bruce Lee’s double genius lives on in his movies.
Your own numbers are alive as well – and affecting your decisions throughout the day. As sure as we can count on seeing the sun rise and set every day, you can count on your name to exert a powerful influence on your financial and personal life.
Make sure that your current name adds up to a highly fortunate number. Otherwise, you will gravitate towards a life of challenges.
Go and find out whether your current name promotes and sustains your goals.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. The new Pythagorean Club is going strong. Members call a special phone number every month and can ask me anything that’s on their mind. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

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