Hillary is basking from her win in Pennsylvania. She obviously believes she can go all the way to the Democratic Nomination and the White House.
As I’ve been saying, based on her name and numbers, she’s not going to make it. The people advising her that she CAN win, are playing right into her current name number which warns against listening to bad advice.
Hillary Clinton was born on the 26th. Her name adds up the same number. So she has a double whammy.
26 is full of contradictions. Numerologists will tell you that there is abundance and wealth associated with the 26 because it adds up to an 8. This is true, and explains Clinton’s success. But there’s a warning too. She will always be prone to taking bad advice.
In a nutshell, her life will have more obstacles to overcome than if she had a better name.
Obstacles like her husband Bill. Who likes talking off the cuff – and puts his foot in his mouth. When you consider Hillary was the frontrunner and a shoo-in for the nomination all last year, it’s clear her challenges will be hard to overcome.
Notice it’s been a lot harder for her to raise funds than it has for Obama.
Well her current rival, Barack Obama, has a great name. And less hurdles to overcome. Especially in 2008 when his Personal Year Number is fantastic.
Hillary has to learn to listen to only well-intentioned advice from others. Most importantly, she’s got to tune into her own hunches. That’s key with the number 26. Of course, she needs to respell her name as well.
As for John McCain – his name is a fortunate one as well. I’ll be writing more about McCain vs. Obama in the future.
As for your own name, consider it one of your MOST important assets. The name you’re using right now is a barometer. Allow it to help you. You’ll be in awe at what a difference a good name makes.
To show you how old numerology is, consider this quote from Ecclesiastes 7:1 –
‘A good name is better than a precious ointment.’
Keep this in mind as you plan your goals. And make sure you go and get the report that has changed lives around the globe.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. If you’re wondering about Bill Clinton’s name – it’s good. So is George W. Bush’s. Both men were definitely helped on their way to the White House.

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