This morning, while reading a book on great entrepreneurs I took note of something. Double digits were everywhere.
Out of the 12 people profiled in the book, a whopping 10 had at least one double digit. Bill Gates wasn’t even one of the twelve. Not only does Gates have a double letter in his first name BiLL, he also has an 11 Essence Number.
Others with an 11 Essence are Donald Trump, Martha Stewart and Sam Walton.
Double digit letters are present in the names of J. Paul Getty, Coco Chanel, Hugh Hefner, Michael Dell, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Ross Perot. Getty also has a double digit Life Purpose Number – 29/11, as do Buckminster Fuller and Coco Chanel.
These are only the folks I read about this morning. Which made me think about current personalities in the news as well. Such as the Manning family, all of whom have that double NN helping them succeed – Eli being the latest to join that honor.
In the current race for Presidential Nominee, Hillary has the double L. Now look at McCain and Obama – both have an 11 Life Purpose Number. McCain also has the Double C in his name.
The double creativity number 11 also helped the other Clinton, Bill, whose Life Purpose is 38/11, same as Madonna’s. Both also have a double letter in their names. Our current U.S. President, George Bush is a 33 Life Purpose.
Ronald Reagan was born in 1911 – he also had the double RR. Plus his name adds up to 11. Jimmy Carter has the double MM. Kennedy the Double NN.
Of course, double digits won’t guarantee success. But they do HELP you immensely in creating an environment where your goals are achieved faster and more effortlessly.
How about your name and birthday. Let’s say you don’t have a Master Number in your Day, Essence or Life Purpose. That’s ok.
You can always create one in your name. This is what makes numerology so valuable. YOU can call the shots. Just be sure your current name adds up to a fortunate number – otherwise the effect of a double letter won’t be very strong. This is where I’ve helped countless of my clients. It’s simple and it’s powerful.
So go and order your Personal Numerology Blueprint now.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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