What an oversight. In a moment I’ll show you the crucial clue I missed – a number that helped McCain win last night.

First, the great Sir Edmund Hillary who with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay was the first to climb the top of Mount Everest, died on January 11. Remember the date, because it ties into his life story.

Anyone with a Life Purpose Number of 29/11 is born to teach or lead others. He has powers of communication and peace, compassion and leadership, high creativity and Mastery. A 29 person has charisma and a mysterious glamour making him stand out in a crowd – and easily draw followers.

Sir Edmund Hillary was a 29/11.
The creativity and life-force in this Master Number means many inventors, artists, athletes and leaders contain it in their blueprint. It’s also a very strong individualist vibration.

I’'ve noticed how people with a 29 Life Purpose often have an unusual appearance due to the influence of this powerful energy.
Sir Edmund Hillary is no exception. He was 6 feet 5 inches tall – a towering figure among mountaineers. Notice that 6 plus 5 equals 11.

As for Hillary’s impact, let me defer to a compatriot of his from New Zealand who wrote me last week:

“Hi Tania,
“We have just had one of New Zealand's and the world’s elite pass away. He was the first to climb Everest amongst other things however he was humble and nonchalant about his achievements to the end and has left a fantastic legacy in support of the people of Nepal who have benefited hugely from his work. He was a fantastic role model for our country and deserves all the accolades that the world bestowed upon him. I was wondering if you could look into his numbers and give us some insight into why he was the optimum explorer that he was as well as the rest of his deeds. His name was Ed Hillary.”

R. M.

Sir Edmund Hillary’s feat is one I will always remember learning about as a youngster.
His 29/11 Life Purpose bestowed him with immense courage, power and talent and strong feelings of leadership. As a result, fame and recognition are very possible with this number – certainly this was the case for Sir Ed.

Also, as a 29, Hillary would have needed MORE exercise than the average person because his nervous system was so activated. So mountaineering and adventure fit him perfectly. The double 1 also gave him great intuitive powers, allowing him to overcome and take advantage of many challenging situations.

Here’'s what’s so extraordinary.

Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first men to climb to the top of Everest on May 29, 1953 – yes, a 29 day. Wow!

He died on January 11, 2008, once again on the wings of the Master Number 11.

This same number had an effect in yesterday’'s election as well.
John McCain also has a 29 Life Purpose Number. Why is it important?

Because yesterday was January 29th. And, to top it off, McCain is in a 29/11 Personal Year in 2008.  This is precisely why he won.

This is what makes numerology so fascinating and fun.
What these two examples prove is how the numbers in your Personal Numerology Blueprint remain active day in and day out. Your Destiny and Life Purpose are literally more activated during specific days, months and years.

It’'s why knowing about your OWN numbers helps you immensely to fulfill your potential.
To learn more about YOUR numbers, make sure you order your Personal Numerology Blueprint.

With Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

P.S. In 1985 Edmund Hillary flew with Neil Armstrong in a tiny ski plane over the Arctic Ocean and landed on the North Pole. With that trip he became the first man to stand on both the North and South poles as well as the top of Everest. He never ceased to explore the world, traveling to Antarctica as late as last year at age 87. He truly fulfilled the Mastery imbued in his Life Purpose Number. You can too. Go and discover what your numbers reveal about you.

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