I’ve never come across anyone in my 24 years as a numerologist with a name like Ellen DeGeneres’. Talk about needing her freedom.
First a little about her blueprint.
Ellen’s Destiny is to be a leader and her Life Purpose is Master Number 22 – the ‘Master Architect’ Number. A sense of urgency will always run through her life. This is because she’s here to do something special. Often it takes years for things to run smoothly and years to get the knowledge and skills necessary to construct whatever needs to be ‘built.’
She’s obviously hit her stride with her talk show ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’. But what about that name.
She was born ‘Ellen Lee de Generes.’ Alll I see are 5s when I see her name. 10 letters out of 17 represent the number 5. That’s unreal. Never have I seen nearly 60 percent of a name be represented by one number.
So what does it all mean.
With this many 5s Ellen is restless in nature and craves variety. She’s very unconventional and can sell most anything from the stage. She can be critical of others. Best career for someone with this many 5s is one where there’s variety – because she gets bored easily – and allows contact with the public.
Great humor and a quick tongue are signs of a strong 5 person. She’ll want to take risks – a hallmark of great comedians. She’s very communicative, extremely witty, talkative, and has tons of enthusiasm. Plus she benefits from a strong magnetism with the public.
Plus there are the 5 senses to consider. She’ll want to explore everything. This means there can be an addictive quality with the 5. So controlling the 5 senses is key.
It’s amazing to see how well Ellen has embraced her strong 5 presence. She’s really helped by her 22/4 Life Purpose and 8 Destiny Numbers – both are very grounding. Otherwise she could be overdoing it, be a daredevil of sorts and crave change to the point of getting nothing accomplished.
What also helps her are the names of her two successful TV shows.
Back in the 90s there was ‘Ellen’, adding up to a number guaranteeing advancements and honors in her life and career. It also represents victory after a long struggle.
She certainly knows about struggling. Before her fame, Ellen worked as a waitress, house painter, sold clothes at a chain store, was a bartender and a hostess. Then she quit her attempt to work at a 9 to 5 job, something she would have never, ever enjoyed with this many 5s anyway – and started performing stand-up comedy.
Since 2003 she’s been the host of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, a hugely successful daytime talk show. That number also adds up to an incredible vibration – the SAME one has ‘Ellen’ does.
Unlike astrology, where you can’t change the time and place of your birth, in numerology YOU have control over the name you use right now. Believe me, it DOES affect your life in a big way. From movie titles, to book names, to business logos – names are activators.
Your name is either helping you or making your life more challenging. Something that’s totally unnecessary.
So make sure you have a Good name. Two ways to do that.
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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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