Roger Clemens is an example of someone who could benefit from a good name right now.
His 11/2 name has many attractive qualities. Money seems to stick to people with this name. They are extraordinarily inventive and have a great imagination. At the same time, there is one major potential problem with an 11 name – this vibration can represent treachery from others. There is a feeling of division and a sense of incompletion running through life.
Additionally, Clemens will have to compromise and unite two opposing forces, while keeping his individual identity.
As for the year he’s in now – it’s a big one for him. He’s born on the 4th. Well, 2008 happens to be a 4 Personal Year for Clemens. Any time your Personal Year lines up with one of the major numbers in your Personal Blueprint, you will be asked to reach even greater heights – usually in a good way.
Why this is not happening to Clemens right now is partly due to his name, and partly due to the number 4. 4 and 8 are the two vibrations which attract more unexpected events than the other numbers.
Look at the day the Congressional hearings started – February 13. 13 is a 4 Day. When 4 or 8 is your birth number, starting a hearing about your credibility on a 4 or 8 day does not bode well. As we can see once again, Numerologists refer to the 4 and 8 as Numbers of Fate for a reason.
I want to emphasize here that most people can easily handle the 4 or 8 vibration alone. It’s when these numbers are combined with events, such as important dates, or other people who have these same numbers, that life can heat up, so to say.
When looking at Roger Clemens’ 11 name and the 4 currently activated in his life, it’s clear why he is under the gun right now. This is true whether he took steroids or not.
As for a helpful name change, I recommend Roger Clemmens. The resulting number is the same as Oprah Winfrey’s. Plus he benefits from the Double M.
Have you ever wondered why some people seem to glide through life effortlessly. Often the answer to that question is – look at his or her current name. If you or your child have a 12 name, I recommend an easy and quick change to eliminate any potential challenges.
Peace of mind will be the first of your many benefits.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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