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Today comes news of a hung
parliament after no party won the majority yesterday in the British elections.


Yesterday, May 6 2010, was a 14/5
Universal Day. May is the 5th month of the year. 2010 is a 3 Universal
Year. Combining these two numbers – 5 and 3 – always brings unexpected,
dramatic events.


The unforeseen nature is further
enhanced this month for Great Britain. That's because May is a 14/5 Personal
Month for this nation.


With yesterday's 14/5 Universal
Day, and Britain's 14/5 Personal Month in May, we have a double emphasis on
this number. 14 symbolizes the Media. So eyes will be glued to the internet and
‘tube' all month long as this story plays out. There will be lots of surprises
since 14 reduces to 5.


See how the number 5 faces left
and right. This gives great vision, but also many changes in direction and


As for the current players in this
political chess game – Current Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Leader of the
Conservatives David Cameron and Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg – all bring more
numerological clues to the table.


Gordon Brown assumed office in
2007. That's very fitting because Brown was in a 13/4 Personal Year. His
Destiny Number – symbolizing career – is 76/13/4, so it was fully activated in


However, in 2010 Brown has entered
a 7 Personal Year. This number is in conflict with much of his birth blueprint.
7 cycles also indicate a sabbatical year – an anathema to any politician. We'll
see how this number, which resembles a lightning strike, affects Brown.


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Interestingly, David Cameron is in
a 13/4 Personal Year right now. And his Destiny is ALSO a 4 – 112/4. This
means, 2010 is an important year for his career as a politician, just like 2007
was to Brown.


Note that ‘David Cameron', adds up
to 16/7. 16 current names indicate a recurring pattern of rising to the top followed
by a sudden fall.


So, though Cameron may become
Prime Minister, it won't be an easy ride.


In the mix is Liberal Democrat
Nick Clegg. His likely 61 party votes are needed by both sides to form a


Amazingly, Nick Clegg is in an 11
Personal Year in 2010. 11 symbolizes a portal through which you walk through
into the unknown. 11 also represents division – being torn about which
direction to go.


So it makes sense that Nick Clegg
is being asked to make the biggest decision of his political career during his
11 Personal Year – and I'm sure he is torn about it.


Consider too that there are 650
seats in the British Parliament – which reduces to 11.


Finally, the BBC online reports
that David Cameron's Tories will most likely end up with 305 seats. 305 reduces
to 8 – the number of power. 8 also activates his 4 Destiny/career number.


Remember from my May Forecast
video that May 2010 is an 8 Universal Month and therefore stories about power
and overcoming obstacles are to be expected this month.


More dramatic stories will surface
as May continues. Be sure you watch the video on my blog so you can see how to
use the powerful number 8 to connect you to your greatest source of internal


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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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