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This evening President Obama will
deliver his State of the Union speech. For the first time he gives this
important speech as sitting President.


It will be interesting to watch
him – and the response.


Particularly since Obama
is beginning to experience the number 16/7 this month. This number will be
active for him personally throughout Next year in 2011.


Why is 16/7 important for his


President Obama was elected on
November 4, 2008, a date which adds up to 16/7. So 16 is one of the important

in setting the tone for this term.


And January 2010 is the first time
Obama is experiencing the number 16/7 personally since his election.


Since 16/7 symbolizes surprises, Obama's
Presidency will definitely experience more twists and turns than usual. Like
the election earlier this month of Senator-elect Brown in Massachusetts.


Furthermore, since today is the 27th,
a number which reduces to 9, he activates the 16/7 even more. That's because
anytime you add 9 to a number, the end result is the same ‘root' number. Adding
9 to Obama's 16 Personal Month results in 25. So he's having a 25/7 Personal
Day today, a number which ALSO reduces to 7.


What this means is that the
President will feel more isolated during his speech than last year.


He must go deeply, to the core of
what the nation is feeling. 7 represents wisdom, so his speech has to show he
is has complete knowledge about the current climate and understands how to


This means presenting some tough
choices. Not easy for any President.


The numbers for today indicate
that he may feel isolated as a result of tonight's speech.


Since Obama is in a 15 Personal
Year – which reduces to 6 – the main topics in 2010 are all related to home,
family and health.


There's good news for Obama as


His Double 7 cycle today is in
harmony with his number 1 Destiny number. This shows the base of support for
his Presidency will be strong tonight.


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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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