Recently a client asked me this
about predicting with numbers.


Tania –


‘It seems to me that knowing a
persons birthday, it would be possible to mark numbers in a calendar the
possible days of a person's demise.  Not maybe which day, but the most
likely days in any approaching year.'


W. O.


I get asked this from time to
time. Another question that comes up is, can you predict a person's


No, numbers cannot be used to
predict demise, success or even death. Your life is an intricate dance
your birth numbers, current numbers and HOW you focus your mind. Are you
focused on the negative or positive symbolism represented by those
numbers. At
any given moment you may go one way, or another.


Numbers forecast the trends and
themes in your life right now.


Numbers help you plan events at
certain times that are more supportive of your goals than other times.


Being aware of your current
cycles is a powerful tool. You can literally make your goals happen
quicker and
easier by applying numbers in a positive way.


Having a fortunate current name
is one great way to create positive change.


The same goes for businesses
and countries. For example, look at the crisis erupting in Egypt today.


Egypt's Republic was declared
on June 18, 1953. So there are two important 18s in Egypt's birth
blueprint –
the Day of the Declaration and the Year, since 1953 adds up to 18.


Right now the number 18 is
activated for Egypt. Until June, 2011, Egypt is in an 18 Personal Year.


18 symbolizes materialism wanting
to destroy the spiritual side of nature. This can happen with earth
revolution, deception from friends and enemies and social upheaval. The
flipside of the number 18 is a powerful compassion for humanity –
leadership through
unconditional love.


These two sides to the number
18 are extremely potent, which is why this number often represents a
point in a nation or person's life. 


As a result, Egypt will be
dealing with some major decisions and issues relating to power. Most
importantly for the number 18 – will the power be achieved through
tactics, or not. And since today is a 29/11 Personal Day for Egypt,
division is
a big factor in this story.


See how the message of the
current event is made clear by looking at all the numbers involved.


With a person, any 18/9 cycle will
ask you to pay attention to health issues as well. You will need to rest
to keep your strength while you balance the power you have been given to
the course of your life.


The same power is given to you in
your personal Wealth


Once you know your Wealth Formula,
you can activate those numbers on a profound level in your daily life.
You can
literally achieve anything you set your mind on.


Prosperity Power combines the
wealth of mind, body and spirit into one powerful unit.


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Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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