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September is always a big month for the world. And so it goes for
President Obama as well.


He has an particularly potent September in 2009
because the number 11 is activated with his number 5 personal cycles. I'll
explain how this affects him in a moment. First let's see how Master Number 11 is active in his life.


– Barack Obama's Life Purpose Number, derived
from adding all the digits in his birthday, is 29/11.


– His wife First Lady Michelle Obama's Life
Purpose is also 29/11.


– He was elected when he was 47/11 years old.


– His Vice President Joseph Biden was 56/11
years old.


– Both ‘Barack Obama' and ‘Joseph Biden' are
names with 11 letters each.


– Barack Obama's one Senate term occurred in the
110th Congress.


– He was declared President-elect at 11 PM EST.


– President Bush called to congratulate Obama at
11:11 PM EST.


– He now leads the 111th Congress as


– The 111th Congress ends in 2011.


– He began his term in 2009 which is an 11
Universal Year.


– His was the 56th Inauguration – 5+6
= 11.


– When Obama took the ‘Obama Express Train' he
used Lincoln's original 1861 route which is 137 miles long. 1+3+7=11


– The official scheduled time for President
Obama's Oath of Office was 11:56 AM EST. 11:5+6 = 11:11.


– His first official appointment as
President-Elect was Chief of Staff and close friend Rahm Emanuel, whose name
also has 11 letters.


– Rahm Emanuel was born on the 29th
of November. 29 reduces to 11 and November is the 11th month.


– His first international conference was the G20
meeting on April 2, 2009 in London, exactly 111 Days after he was inaugurated.


Right now we are all in a 2009 Universal Year,
which reduces to 11. The United States is in a 22 Personal Year in 2009, another
very potent Master Number cycle. And since September is the 9th
month these numbers are being double activated.


Now, add the fact that President Obama is in a 23/5
Personal Year and a 32/5 Personal Month in September. 5 cycles indicate
unexpected events and turning points. 32 also happens to be the Life Purpose
Number for the U.S. Plus the name ‘America' adds up to 32/5. Note that Obama
will be addressing the American Congress and young American school children in
major speeches next week.


What does it all mean?


The 11 can indicate great progress as we release
old patterns and embrace a new more enlightened approach. At the same time 11
often indicates division. Coupled with the President's 5 personal cycle right
now, these two numbers can bring a sudden turn of events.


And so it may go with Obama's heath care reform.
He is giving a major speech to a joint session of Congress on 9/9/09 – and things
are likely going to heat up.


On that day, Obama will be experiencing a 5
Personal Year, 5 Month AND 5 Day. He is risking a lot all month and especially
on that day – time will tell if it pays off in his favor.


Choosing the timing of your big events is really
important, whether you are the U.S. President or not.


By knowing your best personal days for a
specific occasion, you help yourself and the event go as smoothly as


For example I would have advised President Obama
to make his big speeches on September 1, 2, 10, 19 or 20 this month. This way
his three most important numbers – Destiny, Life Purpose and Day – would have
been activated in the most supportive and positive way possible.


It's so helpful to know when your best date is
for a major upcoming event. You can do so now by getting Your Most Fortunate

Warmest Regards,


Tania Gabrielle

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