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SoulStar Reading

Prepare to be inspired and infused with joy as Tania unveils your true spiritual lineage and future in this amazing SoulStar Reading!

As your personal oracle, Tania will delve deeply into your Astrology and Numerology birth code, unveiling the secret messages in your current and future timelines. She tunes into your records for instant clarification with whatever issue is at hand.

Your SoulStar reading also reveals your Wealth Code – and how you are uniquely designed to unlock abundance.

Ask Tania questions on any topic of your choice, both personal and professional (and get ready to be surprised for what Spirit covers beyond your initial questions!). Experience a beautiful galactic expansion in this personal SoulStar Reading…

* Includes your “Personal StarCode Map” — a visual Astro-Numerology Chart of your birth code!

SoulStar Reading – 60 Minutes

Only $747


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