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“I trade the stock market, and for anyone who follows the market, you would know that 2013 and 2014 have been stressful years. There have been so many opposing views as to the market's direction. While the market has been steadily rising, all the talking-heads have been forecasting a major downturn. In 2013, just by listening to Tania's monthly forecast in which she frequently mentioned “abundance”, I had the courage to stay fully invested and I benefited greatly. Thanks Tania!”
Barbara S. Hoversten
“I have been working with Tania since 2012 and ordered several of her products. My most recent was the “Your Next 12 Months” Numerology Blueprint and a 30 minute personal consult with Tania. Having an opportunity to open up my in-depth reports, which are so accurate they give me chills – and then walking through the information with her personally – completes a circle that can change your life as it has mine. The detail and information she reveals through her unique and profound intellect assisted in waking up my conscious mind.”
Cheryl Ludwig, Boise, Idaho

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