Steven Spielberg is one of the wealthiest people in America. Along with George Lucas – he’s probably the most well-known director.
In German his last name means ‘play-mountain’ – a great metaphor for this momentous artist and leader of Hollywood. With his 3 Academy Awards and movies such as ET and ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’, Spielberg deserves a closer look.
Once you see his numbers, you’ll quickly realize one thing. If you have a negative number in your blueprint, it can be balanced big time by making your current name a positively charged number. Case in point – and I mean in a major way – is none other than Spielberg himself.
Steven was born on an 18 day. I just had a client with a name adding up to 18. I advised him to change his name immediately, because 18 is one of those numbers you definitely want to balance out with a really positive one.
18 symbolizes the material side in you wanting to destroy the spiritual side of nature. As a result, it has a major effect on your personal life. For instance, it may indicate conflicts within your family. Or making money through other conflicts, even war. On top of that, this number comes with a warning. You may experience deception from both your friends and enemies.
You can see why I really don’t recommend this number for anyone’s name.
Steven Spielberg is born with this number. What’s fascinating is this. His latest films have been about big emotional conflicts, such as the Holocaust, slavery, war, and terrorism. He was able to turn the message around and make it a positive one.
When he was younger, he did suffer some blows.
For example, Spielberg called his experience at Saratoga High School in California the ‘worst experience’ of his life and ‘hell on Earth.’ Sounds like friends were few and far between.
He then applied to the film schools at both UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television and University of Southern California's School of Cinema-Television three separate times but never got accepted due to his C grade average.
Fortunately for Steven and for us, his name and his Pythagorean Life Purpose Number are out-of-this-world. Spielberg’s Life Purpose is the brilliant number 32/5. I summed up this highly fortunate vibration for you last week. It was the only good thing going for quarterback Michael Vick, if you remember.
Spielberg’s Life Purpose Number in the Chaldean system is 14/5 – a perfect vibration for a movie director.
In a nutshell, 14/5 signifies magnetic communication with the public through writing, publishing, and all media-related matters including, of course, movies. Bestselling author Wayne Dyer also has this number. Additionally, it’s a lucky number concerning monee, including ‘gambling.’ Most would agree that making a major motion picture is always a gamble.
As for Steven Spielberg’s name – it resonates to a 6, another great vibration.
People with a 6 in their blueprint have an amazing capacity to attract money without effort. Whether it’s through using their own talents or through inheritance, or wealthy friends and relatives – they attract it. People with a 6 are warned though to watch for a tendency to be extravagant OR stingy. They love beauty and luxury of all kinds and have impeccable manners.
Steven Spielberg has undoubtedly channeled his earlier frustrations into an unbelievable career, inspiring hundreds of millions of moviegoers. Including me.
He was named one of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century by Time Magazine. Spielberg told Time that his most important master image, used over and over again in his films is ‘the light flooding in through the doorway in ‘Close Encounters,’ suggesting, a brightness and mystery outside.’
This statement alone shows he is aligned with light and inspiration, and wants to uplift his audiences.
When your name brings your life back into balance due to a negative day of birth vibration, as it does for Spielberg, and you USE the vibration with full knowledge that it is helping you AND others, you have got it made. No question about it.
Once you realize the power in your name, and the power you have to change it if need be, you’ll be home-free. Knowing your name’s meaning will allow you to make a major decision.
If it propels you upwards towards success, keep it. If your name repels you downwards into failure and misery, have me change it.
As always, you’re the one in charge. Order your personal Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint today. You’ll never regret it.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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