I know it’s Super Tuesday, and will comment on that and more below. First I want you to know about the amazing ‘Dolphin Number.’
One of my friend’s sisters lives in south Florida on the ocean. One day, while out sailing with her husband and several of his male friends, she decided to take a swim and jumped off the sailboat.
Very soon she was surrounded by a huge pod of dolphins. They formed a circle around her and made their singing sounds. She said it was an experience she’ll never forget. Within a few days of returning, my friend’s sister had a miscarriage. Good thing too, because, as it turned out, she had an ectopic pregnancy.
She believes the dolphins ‘knew’ she had this potential dangerous situation and surrounded her to help her and alert her.
Before you think me crazy, you may not realize that dolphins emit a focused blast of ultrasound vibrations. Scientists believe dolphins can view the inside of people’s bodies similar to a sonogram performed on pregnant women.
Recently ABC news had a story on a woman named Rose, a long distance swimmer with chronic pain following surgery, who wanted to get back into the ocean. She tells how, whenever she is in severe pain, a pod of dolphins approaches and surrounds her. After her swims she has no pain for 10-12 days.
These two stories and my own research prompted me to look at the ‘Dolphin Number.’ Amazingly, the word Dolphin adds up to 33/6 in the Chaldean system and 42/6 in the Pythagorean system. Both are a 6.
The figure of the 6 represents a pregnant woman. It symbolizes a diaphragm expanding with air and eliciting sound. Numerologists say 6 is the number of the cosmic parent, counseling, family and compassion.
6 is also the number of singing, of the voice. Dolphins sound like they’re singing when they communicate. They are also particularly attracted to pregnant women. Studies worldwide show dolphins always hone in on the unborn fetus. Extraordinary studies in Russia document the effect daily dolphin interaction with a fetus has on the life of the baby after birth.
42 is a number of friendliness, generosity and helping others. There is a strong bond with children in this number. 33 is a number of compassion and giving.
How fitting then that DOLPHIN is a 6.
Many of my clients who have a prominent 6 in their Blueprint are teachers, doctors, counselors, parents or healers. The 6 helps them communicate intuitively with children, animals, patients and clients.
If you have a 6 in your Personal Numerology Blueprint be careful not to overdo it. It’s easy to forget YOU need attention as well. Giving to others without taking time-outs to rejuvenate is common for those with the 6 vibration. Picture the dolphin frolicking and playing in the ocean to remind you to take care of your own needs.
On another note – today is Super Tuesday. John McCain will most likely wrap up the Republican nomination tonight. Mitt Romney just does not have the numbers this year to make it all the way to the White House. There’s more about McCain’s name and numbers that has come to light – fascinating info I will share on with Inner Circle Teleseminar members tomorrow night.
The Dems are another story. Hillary and Barack will be slugging it out a while longer – tonight won’t give either one a guarantee as nominee. Clinton has a strong of 1-3-8 combo. And Barack Personal Day is the same as his Life Purpose Number – a very good sign too.
Like I’ve been saying all along about these two – they are literally fated to run against each other.
More on McCain, Hillary and Barack – as well as the stunning information Heath Ledger’s name reveals about his death – in tomorrow evening’s Inner Circle phone call.
Join my Inner Circle now and you’ll be able to ask me a question – by email or by phone each and every month.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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