A couple nights ago a friend who was raised Catholic asked me about popes with double names.
His question piqued my interest, and after some research, I now know why. My friend had told me that Pope John Paul I was the first Pope to take on two names and the first pope who was born in the 20th century. Additionally, he was the first pope to use ‘the First’ in his name.
But there’s a much stronger numerology connection I unveiled. A truly mysterious numbers connection between John Paul I and his successor and namesake – Pope John Paul II.
I felt like Sherlock Holmes once I began putting the puzzle together. First, both their names, before they became popes, add up to 3, the number of expression and joy. Both their personalities and their connection to the public was defined by this number. John Paul I was nicknamed the ‘smiling pope,’ as well as ‘God’s smile.’ He is best remembered for his friendliness and humility. His papacy only lasted 33 days.
Pope John Paul II had a magnetic communication with the public, who loved and adored him – again reflecting the 3. He also was the 264the pope, which adds up to 3.
More importantly there are two numbers, 4 and 8, both men had in common. These two numbers, especially when combined, are often referred to as ‘numbers of fate’. They can result in life-changing, fateful events.
Often, people with 4s or 8s will be magnetically drawn to others with 4s or 8s as well. What’s important to know is that, when a 4 or 8 are the Day of Birth or Life Purpose Number, you are warned to avoid these same numbers in all other ways. Yet, often precisely the opposite happens, since 4s and 8s attract each other.
This includes staying away from events, names, addresses, phone numbers and important dates adding up to 4 or 8.
Unfortunately for Pope John Paul I, who has a 4 Life Purpose Number, he was made pope on August 26. The 26 is an 8, and August is the 8th month. He ended up dying 33 days later on September 28, 1978, which adds up to an 8. Plus look at all the eights in that date alone.
His immediate successor, Pope John Paul II, who has a 26/8 Life Purpose Number, became pope on October 16, 1978. That happens to be a 33 day. Amazing. That 33 day signified his continuation of his predecessor’s smiling vibration, as well as his connection to his followers.
Notice too the connection between John Paul II’s Life Purpose Number 26, and the 26 Day on which John Paul I became pope.
As for the 16th of October – 16/7 can signify a possible fatal connection. This number brings a possibility of assassination. Which is precisely what happened, not once but 3 times, to John Paul II.
On May 13, 1981 – a 22/4 day – he was shot and critically wounded by Mehmet Ali Agca, a Turkish gunman, as he entered St. Peter’s Square to address an audience. He lost nearly three-quarters of his blood, and was seconds from bleeding to death. That in spite of the fact that the bullets missed his main artery and abdominal aorta. There is more to this story, which I will elaborate in my upcoming book.
Two more assassination attempts followed in 1982 and 1995.
The May 13 attack on Pope John Paul II life sent another signal as well. Over two decades later the 13/4 connection appeared in his life again. This time on the day he died, April 2, 2005 – which is a 13/4 day.
This example shows how number 4 and 8 connections run very deep for people who have these numbers in their blueprint. It doesn’t mean you’ll be assassinated. No, far from it. But remember, if your name or birthday add up to 4 or 8, the power of these numbers is increased if you combine them with other 4 and 8s. This rule applies whether you are planning a significant event on the 4th, 8th, 13th and so on, to numbers in your address, to the name of the city you live in, to the numbers of the person you are married to, or to your phone number. And the result of combining a 4 or 8 with each other in this way is that your life can be more difficult.
Just another important reason why you want to be absolutely SURE your name adds up to a good, helpful number. A number of least resistance. A number that guarantees effortless flow.
Get your Personal Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint and leave a lifetime of regrets behind.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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