96 years ago, while President Theodore Roosevelt was campaigning in Milwaukee, he was shot.
Fortunately the bullet entered his chest only after penetrating his steel eyeglass case and passing through his 50-page speech he was carrying in his jacket.
Roosevelt, knowing the bullet had entered his chest, did something which would be unimaginable today.
He went on to give his speech even though blood was seeping into his shirt. He was an experienced anatomist as well as a hunter, and knew that the fact he wasn’t coughing up blood, meant he wasn’t in any great danger.
Thing is, he didn’t just speak for a few minutes. No, the speech he gave lasted 90 minutes.
Afterwards, doctors determined the bullet had penetrated three inches into his chest muscle. It remained there until he died. There are two reasons, both Theodore and FDR both were able to escape assassination attempts.
Theodore Roosevelt happens to have an incredible name. Let’s look at his family name first.
As befits a family of wealth and stature, the name Roosevelt adds up to an amazing number – 24/6, indicating financial success and help from people in high positions. It also resonates with personal magnetism.
Now Theodore Roosevelt intensely disliked being called ‘Teddy,’ and would let everyone who used the nickname know about it. But ‘Teddy Roosevelt’ was widely used by newspapers during his political career. It’s a good thing the name adds up to a 15/6 – another great vibration. So, even though he hated Teddy R – it ended up helping him.
Luckily, ‘Theodore Roosevelt’ also resonates to a fortunate number. So, you could say, either way, he was covered. And, he did need all the luck his name inherently gave him.
In addition to his fortunate name, he has Life Purpose Number that symbolizes a love of freedom, adventure, and a willingness to take risks. It helps to explain his incredible fortitude and aversion to fear that day in Milwaukee.
Franklin D. Roosevelt happens to have the SAME freedom-loving, risk-taking Life Purpose Number ‘5’.
Amazingly, FDR’s most famous quote, written by Napoleon Hill, and delivered during his first inaugural address, relates precisely to everything his Number 5 Life Purpose stands for –
‘So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself.’
And, just as his 5th cousin Theodore had, Franklin D. Roosevelt ALSO benefited from a fortunate name. His name number symbolized victory over all disappointment and temporary failure.
What about those three letters – FDR – well, they add up to the Media number, ensuring we’ll be referring to his Presidency in books and in the media for a long time.
Let’s not forget that both Roosevelts benefited from the Double Power Letter – the two Os in Roosevelt signify a great vision. When coupled with their freedom loving life purpose, it turns those ‘O’s into a pair of eyes and forecasts the ability to see through situations and visualize the future.
While we’re looking at these two Presidents with great names – many of you have asked. And now I’ve listened.
If you’ve ever wondered, “Is My Name Fortunate?,” look no further. Your answer is finally here.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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