For the past decade, the name ‘Emily’ tops the list for newborn baby girls. For boys ‘Jacob’ is the first choice.
What’s amazing about these two choices is that they add up to the SAME number. That number describes our information age to a tee. I’m referring to 14/5 – the Media Number.
Essentially, unbeknownst to them, parents have chosen two names which sum up the times we live in. 14 is about magnetic communication with the public and all things media – internet, tv, iPods and cellphones. 5 is a pivotal vibration symbolizing change, freedom, adventure and movement.
Both 14 and 5 are great indicators for our current ever-changing information and media age.
The second most popular name for girls is Emma. And yes, amazingly ‘Emma’ adds up to 14/5 too. For boys, it’s Michael and Joshua. Michael’s been in the top 1 or 2 spot for over 60 years and adds up to a Master Number. And Joshua is another 5 name.
Speaking of names, last night I was interviewed for over an hour after the Clinton-Obama debate and was asked about both candidates names and numbers. I explained that Hillary’s current name would always create obstacles for her. And that Obama’s and McCain’s were doing the exact opposite.
Basically what it comes down to is this. If you have a name, and I’m talking about your current name, whose number isn’t helping you – your life will not run as smoothly. This is what’s happening to Hillary. She’s born on the 26th, and her name resonates to the same number. She’ll continue to attract unforeseen obstacles and ignore her own hunches unless she changes the spelling of her name.
Interestingly, yesterday’s debate fell on a 26/8 day, the precise number Hillary needs to avoid. And next Tuesday is March 4. Here again we have the 8 and 4 connection. As I’ve said, watch Obama take full reign of the Democratic nomination after next week’s primaries. He’s born on the 4th, and he’s in a 22/4 year.
As for Hillary, I recently advised her, in this newsletter, to use a different spelling – Hilary Clinton. It would ease up her life considerably. Why? Instead of being weighed down by the more challenging 26 she would benefit from the hugely rewarding number 23. Just by taking out one L.
Using ‘Hilary Clinton’ would bless her with grace and fortune. The ancient Chaldeans called 23 ‘The Royal Star of the Lion.’ As a public figure, you especially want this kind of protection.
It’s really that easy – when a name needs changing, I play around with letters and create the ultimate result for you.
There’s no reason why you shouldn’t ALWAYS choose to have a good name. A name which helps you fulfill your destiny. A name attracting abundance and opportunities – while eliminating challenges.
You can start with your current name Is My Name Fortunate?.
Or get your detailed Personal Numerology Blueprint – Personal Numerology Blueprint – the document that changes lives.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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