Earlier today I had nearly three hours to spare while sitting in a dental chair getting worked on without anesthesia. Had to really focus to keep the pain at bay.
My dentist did actually try to anesthetize me, but due to various reasons, all good, I didn’t get numb yet again. So I really wanted something fun and distracting to focus on. First I headed off to my favorite beach in Hawaii, then I imagined performing Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. Finally, I decided to give my attention to New Hampshire.
While I was sitting there having my gums poked with sharp metal objects, I counted. Adding up Personal Days, Months and Years for all the top candidates in the running today.
May not sound like fun to you – but to me numerology can come in handy when I need a BIG distraction. And since I promised you last week that I would post my predictions BEFORE the results become public today, here it is in black and white.
Democratic side first.
Barack – will win. He has a great month, and his Personal Day lines up with his fortunate Personal Year. A good triple whammy will bring in a home run.
Hillary – not a great month to win much, but she DOES have two good numbers going today. She’ll come in second.
Edwards – though his year is good, it’s not a good Personal month or day for him. Third place for sure.
The Republican side is harder to gauge. But on the chair this morning I got some strong clues. And they may not line up with what you’ve been hearing in the media.
Rudy Giuliani was going strong LAST year. That’s because he was in a great Personal Year for a Presidential candidate. This year’s not so good for him. Today’s numbers place him in fourth place.
Mitt Romney has a great month and his Personal Day happens to be exactly the same number. Though his year isn’t a good one, I predict he and McCain are going to slug it out for first place. It will be closer than people think. Today I will give Romney the edge.
John McCain is in a slow month. Though he’s probably expected to win today, His Personal Year and Day are strong and support his Life Purpose Number, which helps him on a personal level. He has much to lose today if he doesn’t win. I see him coming in a close second to Romney.
Finally Mike Huckabee. The combo of his numbers places him in a strong Third place today.
Well, there you have it. News from the dental chair.
On Thursday all Pythagorean Inner Circle members will hear something very unexpected from me. I’m keeping it under wraps for now, but, believe me it IS surprising. You won’t want to miss it.
So join the Pythagorean Inner Circle today.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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