Numerology is a powerful indicator of character and success – or failure. It can even detect a loser. Like OJ Simpson.
I decided on the spur of the moment to calculate his numbers this morning while sitting in my studio sipping H2o. Whoa, is all I could say. Breakfast was postponed. This was too incredible and eery. Because in OJ’s case, both Pythagorean and Chaldean Numerology point to exactly the same clue.
By taking on the name OJ Simpson, the guy did himself a big disfavor.
You see, there are good numbers, and then, there are those numbers you’ll want to avoid if at all possible. A name can easily be changed. Alter or add one letter and – voila – you’ve got a whole new ball game.
OJ Simpson is playing the wrong number’s game. His name adds up to a Victim Number. Meaning HE feels like a victim and will act out with ONLY that in mind.
Here’s what I would tell him, if he was my client – and refused to change his name.
‘You have to be extremely alert. People around you will want to flatter your ego to further their own goals. Always be suspicious of anyone who dangles out promises of high positions. Be sure to analyze their motives, since they’re usually negative.
‘There’s a strong undercurrent of duplicity with this number. So you must guard against your tendency to be dishonest. Forewarned is forearmed. (Well, not in his case…)
‘This number can signify severe emotional stress. Your name carries a strong sense of mental anguish, which creates amnesia. The result is, lessons you previously learned will be forgotten. You will have to sacrifice – a symbol of this number – in order to gain knowledge and wisdom.’
OJ is living on the dark side of an already difficult vibration. Now, I’m not saying that by changing his name to reflect a fortunate number, he’ll suddenly be a saint. Far from it.
The real difference is this. It’s obvious OJ has never taken stock of his life. He’s not stepped up to the plate and said, ‘Hey, my life isn’t going the way I’d like it to – I wonder what’s holding me back.’ In his case, that would be admitting a ton of garbage and then some. But even he could do it.
Point is, by checking your internal and external barometer you get the ball rolling in a positive, new and better direction. It’s really that simple.
Of course OJ has no desire to be anyone but a victim right now. It’s likely he’ll never change.
YOU, however, can take control of your destiny.
Do you know when magical events appear as if out of the blue? When you become the captain of your ship and DEMAND to know what every part of your ship is doing at all times. When you stop ignoring the obvious – both good and bad.
Numerology hands you those reigns. Your numbers reveal, on no uncertain terms, what your talents are and how to use them. You’ll finally know your Destiny and Life Purpose. How people see you, and what your deepest feelings and attitudes are. There’s no quicker or more profound system than this.
Go get your total picture. This isn’t a portrait – this is your LIFE.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. Yesterday a client from London who was eager to change professions asked me about several new lines of work she was considering. As I was writing each one down, I told her which one jumped out at me. As the intuitive counseling session continued she realized this new profession fit in perfectly with both her numbers as well as people she knew who would be resources for her big change. Thing is, this woman was OPEN to hear about her talents and her destiny. As a result of asking, she silenced her fears. Now she’s on her way to creating the life she always wanted. You can too. Order your own personal Numerology Blueprint and Intuitive Counseling Session today.

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