Yesterday a client asked me about titles for two TV shows he’s producing for Australian television. In the process I told him about great names which helped shows become a huge success in the U.S.
Current hits, such as ‘American Idol’ and ‘Lost’ have highly fortunate numbers going for them.
But where having a good title with a great number gets really apparent is when looking at television shows that were number 1 for many years – and made the actors celebrities.
Like the sitcom ‘Friends.’
This mega-hit lasted from 1994-2004 and launched the careers of all its six stars who all achieved household name celebrity status.
The longest running show in the U.S. is ‘Meet the Press.’ Amazingly, it adds up to the Immortality Number, 17. ‘Meet the Press’ has been broadcast since November 6, 1947 – so it’s been running for over 60 years.
Another show with the same Immortality Number is the ‘Today’ show. It began in January 1952, and has been on the air for 56 years straight.
Then there are the most ever watched shows. The Superbowl wins that contest hands down – in the top 20 most-watched-shows ever, the Superbowl lists an unbelievable 10 shows. As you’ve guessed, the title ‘Superbowl’ is a wonderful number – 42/6. The 6 alone is a major abundance attractor. Fittingly, ads running on Superbowl Sunday are the most expensive of the year.
The most watched mini-series ever was ‘Roots.’ Oh, and let’s not forget the most successful TV talk-show ever – ‘Oprah.’ It happens to add up to the same fortunate number as ‘Roots.’
What about the flip-side – shows with incredible reviews and amazing casts that were short-lived. Such as ‘Oblongs’, ‘Freaks and Geeks,’ ‘Adventures Of Brisco County, Jr,’ ‘Nothing Sacred’ and ‘Stark Raving Mad.’ All had titles adding up to not-so-great numbers. Even the great reviews and top-rate actors didn’t help matters.
So, whether we’re talking book title, TV show, product name or movie title – names matter.
Make sure your current name is helping you, not causing unnecessary obstacles and challenges in your life. Great thing is, you have control over your Is My Name Fortunate?. Let me help you with your most important asset now.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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