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Today the holiday movie season
goes into high gear.


My friends are all going to see
Avatar this weekend, and Clayton and I plan to as well.  I haven't been this excited about seeing
a movie for a long time. Plus it helps that Clayton was concertmaster for the
soundtrack – which means he led the orchestra from the first violin chair.


Avatar's soundtrack was composed
by James Horner, who has a longstanding relationship with James Cameron. Horner
has already received two Golden Globe nominations for the music.


Let's look at the release date and
name for this blockbuster film. These two numbers are critical to forecasting a
movie's success – or failure – at the box office.

Director James Cameron has chosen well, yet


“Avatar' is being released today,
12.18.2009, which adds up to 23/5. This is a really great number for attracting
hordes of people.


The number 23 represents a
powerful frequency – ‘The Royal Star of the Lion.' This means ‘Avatar' will
have a lingering and lasting impression on movie goers and will enjoy a long run
in movie theaters.


As for the important title, the
name ‘Avatar' adds up to 15/6, another highly fortunate number.


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15 symbolizes the spiritual
magician and alchemy. It is a powerfully magnetic vibration and attracts
prosperity effortlessly.


Yes, a 15 current name forecasts
that Avatar, with it's depiction of a magical, lushly tropical, alien world,
will weave its magic on moviegoers. Like James Cameron's last blockbuster film ‘Titanic',
expect long lines at the box office.


Other movies being released today
have the same great release date going for them too, but are hampered by
challenging names.


‘Nine' adds up to 16/7. And from
Britain ‘The Young Victoria' is a 34/7 name. Both won't be lasting too long. However,
next week's ‘It's Complicated' with Meryl Streep and Steve Martin will also
benefit from a great name and release date.


I look forward to enjoying the new
world James Cameron has created for us.


I had the honor of watching 30
straight minutes of the movie with Live symphony orchestra at Fox Studios back
in August, and I can tell you ‘Avatar' is an absolutely incredible visual
experience. Enjoy!


Happy Holidays,

Tania Gabrielle

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