Have you ever wondered why the 11th
month of the year was chosen in recent times to hold all U.S. elections?


Think of it. 11 in it's purest
form represents walking through the gateway of Truth into the Unknown.
That is
how elections are supposed to be – unknown outcomes as a result of
voting for truth and justice.


However, there is another side to
the 11, which has also been activated.


Division and Dishonesty.


Number 11 symbolizes two columns.
When there is no balance, these columns represent division.


The media thrives on emphasizing
the division – not the dialogue, symbolized by the number 2, which 11


Division between Democrats and
Republicans, whites and blacks, rich and poor, female and male and so
on. Division
and conflict drive most media stories.


So is it a coincidence that
Elections are held in November. No.


You see, the 11th month
also symbolizes the double 1 – Double New Beginnings.


So naturally there is a sense of
anticipation this month of getting rid of the old and bringing in
sweeping new
changes. This is, after all, why people vote – to create change.


However, because we are constantly
being inundated with stories of division, we don't feel unified and
at election time.


In November, the month of walking
through the gateway of Truth, it is vital to be clear and honest about
all your
relationships, your emotions and your mind-patterns.


Notice that in most U.S elections
there are 2 main candidates, one each from the 2 major parties.


That is a great visual of the two
columns in number 11 – two people and parties facing off against each


11 reduces to 2. When you are not
balanced, the two columns will oppose each other in a duel – this is why
and division are so often felt in an 11/2 cycle.


Next year is the 11th
year of our century, so understanding this powerful number is vital to
balance in your life all year long.


What you experience this month
will again be a forecast of what is to come. If you feel off-balance,
upset or
confused, do something to relax yourself and bring your thoughts back in


As for the elections tomorrow,
they are happening on the 2nd. So the 11/2 is doubly


The date – 11.2.2010 – adds up to
7. Amazingly this number directly connects to the Presidential election
two years ago on 11.4.2008 – a 16/7 Universal Day.


When it comes to numbers,
archetypes and symbols nothing is a coincidence.


Thus the 7 tomorrow indicates that
what began two years ago will be intensified in the next two years and
come to
a completion.


Stay grounded and balanced.


And make sure you know how YOUR
personal numbers are being activated right now.


We cover that and all your other
questions in your Personal
with me. 

Warm Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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