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One of the most famous people in the world, golfer Tiger Woods, has been
in the news for most of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.


Woods was injured early Friday when he lost control of his SUV outside
his Florida mansion. He hit a fire hydrant and a tree in his neighbor's yard
after he pulled out of his driveway at 2:25 am.


The current cycles for Woods give us some insights into what
may be going on.


Tiger is in a 17/8 Personal Year right now. 8 cycles
can attract obstacles as a result of past actions. In the end, this powerful
number strengthens by asking you to overcome challenges. The 17 also symbolizes
Immortality. This can mean, Tiger may be remembered for something that happened
to him this year.


Yesterday he canceled meeting with the police
for a third time. So people are wondering what's really going on.


As a result, this story is getting a lot of


Let's look at the date of his car crash.


For Tiger, November is a 19/10/1 Personal Month
and the 27th was a 28/10/1 Personal Day. The Double 1 indicates a
new cycle – needing independence and some time alone.


What's important to note is that Tiger's Life
Purpose Number is ALSO 28/10/1.


This means all 1 cycles are very important for
him. He's able to grow and outgrow things in his life more dramatically than
during cycles that don't activate his birth blueprint. Anytime one of your
major three numbers is triggered, your life takes on a faster pace and asks you
to delve more deeply


So what does it all mean.


Tiger's 1 Life Purpose explains his vigilance
about privacy and his drive to be Number 1. 1's want to be left alone and are
very disciplined about running their life. Just look at Tiger's eyes and you'll
see the discipline and drive of number 1 in full action.


1 and 7 are the most private of all the numbers.
So the fact that his accident occurred on a double 1 Day for him means desperately does NOT want to reveal what happened.


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As for Elin Nordegren, Tiger's wife, her name
adds up to 16/7. That, combined with the 13/4 Personal Year she's experiencing
in 2009, indicates challenging, sudden events.


Elin had a Double 6 activated on November 27th –
this emphasis on number 6 puts the focus on home and family.


So, whereas for Tiger the focus in November is
on independence, privacy and action – for Elin the emphasis is on her family
and relationships.

And, since she is in a 13/4 Personal Year signifying sudden, unforeseen events – the spotlight on family means she'll feel challenged in that area of her life.


Luckily for Tiger Woods, his current name adds
up to a highly fortunate 15/6 and will continue to help him. However, though a great name has helped him amass the incredible results he has so far, it will not protect him if he misuses it.


Here are a couple of other clues about Tiger.


The letter T which begins his first name gives
him great balance – a great asset in sports.


The letter W beginning his last name explains
the rapid pace of his life and makes him extremely magnetic. This letter explains why people are so attracted to him.


So Tiger has a powerful set of numbers and letters which have helped propel him to fame and fortune.

Only time will tell what was really going on with Tiger in the wee hours after Thanksgiving.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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