Our daughter Clara was sick for 3 days last week with a digestive disorder. She rarely gets ill, so this was unusual.
Then an interesting thing happened. I had a client who’s Life Purpose Number was exactly the same as Clara’s – 21/3. Along with all the other attributes each number carries with it, are health issues.
So, as I was writing up his blueprint, I paid extra attention to the health section. A big lightbulb went off.
First I was reminded that any person with a 3 Life Purpose MUST express himself. If he or she represses feelings, it’s like he’s corking up an inner volcano. The body feels the effects of stopping up the energy that is meant to flow freely. As long as a person with a 3 Life Purpose keeps emotions open and flowing, he or she enjoys exceptional health.
Here’s a small excerpt of what I wrote in the Life Purpose Number section of the Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint.
‘You have one of the strongest physical bodies with a 21/3 vibration. However, if your creative energies are blocked or suppressed, you may encounter issues in the lower abdomen or reproductive areas.’
Wow, that hit home. Clara is the most expressive child I’ve ever met. She truly loves people – and they in turn love her – she’ll take any opportunity to talk to anyone, stranger or not.
Last week she repressed her feelings for a couple of days. Not consciously, of course. Her part-time sitter called in two days in a row to cancel. So Clara wasn’t able to express herself in the usual way for a few hours each of those days. Hours she greatly looks forward to every week.
Then she got her three-day tummy disorder.
So it was really good to refresh my memory about her 21/3 vibration this week. From now on, when Clara’s fun, exploring and creative time is thrown off course, I’ll make sure to fill the void myself.
When you receive your 16-20 page Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint, there’s a bonus inside. At the end of each Life Purpose Number description, I list several well-known people who share this number with you. It’s both fun and empowering to imagine the energies of your Life Purpose in people who have become highly successful.
Knowledge about YOU is the most powerful knowledge you can own. The short paragraph in the health section gave me a priceless reminder about our daughter’s needs.
Once you discover what energies you’re made from and how you’re going to use your special gifts, everything else pales in comparison.
Give me your full name and birthday, and I’ll show you qualities about yourself you only dreamed were possible. Give me your numbers, and I’ll point you straight towards your Destiny.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French

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