On June 10 a major Gemini activation comes to a head during the Gemini Solar Eclipse.

  • The Sun and Moon in Gemini will be conjunct Mercury Retrograde, ruler of Gemini!
  • June 10 and 19° Sun and Moon create a powerful 10:10:10 code of Instant Manifestation and New Beginnings.

Of course, New Moon Solar Eclipses represent new beginnings too!

Also of note: the eclipse and Mercury create a triple square to Neptune.

Mercury and Gemini represent the rational mind and Neptune governs dreams, your imagination – and Inspiration.

  • This triple square to Neptune will bring to light the difference between INSPIRATION and living in a FANTASY.

Discover how you can transcend fantasizing and turn to inspiration in this brand new eclipse forecast.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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