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Thank you for registering for:

“7 Steps To Making 2014 Hugely Successful”
A 2-hour online virtual intensive
with Wealth Astro-Numerologist Tania Gabrielle

*Check your inbox for complete details.

Here’s what you’ll discover during this powerful online seminar:

  • The 7 things you must know about 2014 in order thrive in all areas of your life – miss ANY of these and you will be facing a challenging year.
  • How to determine what YOUR Personal Monthly Cycles mean in 2014.
  • ONE critical message in this year's code…and why it forecasts  a huge shift in consciousness leading to a shocking end to old paradigms! (This is GREAT news if  you are translating your core inner values into a thriving, meaningful life.)
  • 3 powerful secrets behind the letters aligned with the 2014 Code.
  • The hidden message you won't hear anywhere else about why 2014 favors connecting to and nurturing soul-to-soul relationships that vibrate in line with your highest good.
  • **BONUS: All attendees will receive Tania's “2014 Astro-Numerology Success Map”! This special guide maps out the pivotal planetary alignments and monthly universal numerology codes for 2014. You will be referring to this map during the webinar intensive, and can use it to implement abundance right away – and for the rest of the year!

This is a LIVE, one time only online seminar intensive . You definitely want to tune in for this special workshop in order to reap the benefits for 2014 right away!

Love and Blessings,
Tania Gabrielle