Welcome the final Full Moon of 2020! This exciting lunation takes place in Cancer late on December 29 (Americas), and December 30 (Universal Time in London).

As the final full moon of the year it brings us full circle with the Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Cancer – activating the defining sign of 2020 one last time – now… in the context of LOVE.

This is also the THIRD consecutive Full Moon at , instilling the courage to TRUST in the goodness and eternity of life.

Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon, so your heart is FULL of love during this holiday season. You yearn to touch and be touched. Wrap your arms around your loved ones and share kindness and gratitude with everyone.

Immerse your HEART in what inspires you – immerse yourself in beautiful music, poetry and art.

During the Final Full Moon of 2020, beautiful energy connections are activated:

  • Several fortunate planetary transits, includi