Any mathematician will tell you – Numbers Don’t Lie. They’ll also tell you that Numbers are Law.
But, what it really comes down to is this. In essence, numbers are living vibrations.
Today most of us recognize that everything we see, feel, or experience emits a vibration. But if you thought this a new concept of the ‘modern’ age, you’d be greatly mistaken.
Pythagoras, the man famous for a formula every school child knows, believed that greater knowledge of God could be achieved by understanding numbers. In fact, Pythagoras was famous for saying the whole universe could be described using numbers – something scientists have confirmed today.
In the very same way, YOU emit a vibration, as do the people around you. When you say someone has ‘good vibes’ or a person emits a ‘bad vibe’, you mean that some people feel flatter than others, and some have a strong presence about them. Then there are those special people who just light up a room.
The more excited you feel about where you’re life is heading, in other words, the better you feel now, the higher and more potent your vibration will be. Everyone, including you, will feel the difference.
Your Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint Puts YOU in the Driver’s Seat.
It opens your mind to the possibility of positive change, even though you may have experienced disappointment and frustration in the past. It gives you the courage to shed the ‘old clothes’ of your current existence and step into the creative, self-empowered life you were actually born to live.
To construct your Blueprint, two vibration-charged pieces of information are needed – your date of birth and your full given name.
Each and every person will have a UNIQUE combination of numbers. The depth and accuracy of your blueprint will astonish, inspire, and quite possibly move you to tears.
Like it did for this man from Ohio, who writes:

“You are one special person. I have no idea how you do what you did with the numbers and everything. But I am on cloud nine right now. I was crying, laughing at how the Blueprint you created for me dials right into my essence, dreams and aspirations. And all the uplifting items that you wrote about who I am becoming … WOW… words can’t express my thoughts there.
“I found myself shaking my head saying ‘yes, that's me. The gift you are now offering the world is something magical. I really appreciate everything you put into this. It exceeded my expectations!”

Vincent Palko
Sylvania, OH
Thank you Vincent! It’s a joy and an honor to hear your response. Really, what you’re confirming to me and, more importantly, to yourself, is the strength and power you have within you. Each Blueprint tells a story and confirms who you are and what you are here to do. Your blueprint is truly an affirmation of your greatness.
It’s easy to forget what gifts we have to offer. What makes us unique. Knowing our destiny activates a profound inner drive to succeed.
Once you know YOUR story you can take an active role in determining your future. Isn’t it time you took full advantage of your talents and build a life of joy and success? Go and discover the essence of the term, “know thyself.”
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
P.S. One reader objected to my using Paris Hilton as a numerology example yesterday. The gist of his comments was that she’s been in the news too much as it is. I wouldn’t know, since I don’t tune into the news much at all – haven’t watched a news broadcast in over four years. What I do know is that, aside from my husband Clayton, everyone seems to know who she is. Which is why, on occasion, I will look at the numbers of a famous – or infamous – personality. They make great examples of why Pythagorean Numerology is constantly active in our lives, whether you know it or not.

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