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Yesterday I heard that 111,000,000
people watched the Super Bowl on Sunday, breaking all records.


Amazingly, 111 is the number
activated throughout 2011 for everyone born in the last century. Read ‘111 –
The Secret Code'
for more on this remarkable phenomenon.


Is it a coincidence that 111 came
up again on Super Bowl Sunday? No.


There are several reasons for


Keep in mind, when you add zeroes
to any number you magnify the effect of that number.


For example, number 1 symbolizes
creating new goals and acting upon them with confidence. When someone says, ‘ I
want to be Number 1' they unleash the inherent creative drive that this number emits
to complete his or her goals.


Add a zero to the 1 and you get
the number 10. 10 takes the 1 to a new level by bringing Instant Manifestation of
not only your goals, but anything your mind focuses on.


Add another zero and you have 100
– 10 times 10 – a powerful magnification of the numbers 1 and 10.


In school 100 means a perfect
score. 100 percent represents completion.


So 111,000,000 is a very powerful
activation of the 111 frequency.  As
mentioned, every person on this Earth born before the year 2000 has the 111
activated all year long.


I always watch for patterns,
whether they appear for one person or the world at large.


Here are the numbers and patterns
to keep an eye on this year – 11, 111, 11:11. Plus any combination that
includes the 11, like 411.


Also watch for the numbers 4 and
13. They complete the manifestation process, by grounding whatever is going on
in your mind. It is why 2011 is such a powerful year for all of us.


Notice that the Green Bay Packers
beat the Steelers 31-25.


Well, the winning team won by 31
points which is 13 in reverse and reflects the manifestation power available to
all of us in 2011.


Secondly, when you add all the
digits in the 31-25 victory for the Packers, the sum comes to 11.


Another story yesterday concerned a
new Emergency Alert System. Called “Presidential Alert', it would replace the
old Emergency Broadcast and allow the President to speak directly to the nation
in the event of a serious natural disaster or terrorism threat.


No coincidence that this is
happening in 2011.


Emergencies tie into the 911
frequency. 911 not only has the number 11 embedded within it, but 9+1+1 also
adds up to 11.


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So what does this have to do with
Aaron Rodgers – the young star quarterback for the Green Bay Packers and MVP in
Superbowl XLV?


111,000,000 people adds up to the
number 3 – the same number Aaron Rodgers' 12 Jersey adds up to. In fact
Rodgers' 12/3 jersey number is exactly the same as his 93/12/3 Destiny / Career


So the frequency Aaron Rodgers is
known for at work is fully aligned to the Destiny of his birth name. Rodgers
was even born in the 12th month.


What you may not know is that
Aaron Rodgers uses visualization and meditation – to manifest his goals.


He says, nearly every play that he
makes on the field has been visualized many times in his mind first.


This makes perfect sense.
Visualization brings your goals into creative perfection. And number 3 IS the
number of Creative Perfection. 3 symbolizes mother, father, child – the perfect
creative triad.


So the 111,000,000 viewers on
Sunday symbolized the immense power of an original, confident, creative mind at
play on the field.


You can use visualization and meditation
to manifest goals on ANY playing field.  


As for Rodgers' amazing rise to
legendary stardom, he is blessed with a powerful and magical current name
frequency. ‘Aaron Rodgers' adds up to 15/6, the number for the spiritual
alchemist. His name gives him a strong magnetism and the ability to uplift
others by example.


Rodgers' inspiring rise is a great
example of how you can activate your Destiny.


Use the power of your creative
mind in conjunction with a highly fortunate current name. You will be amazed at
the results.


Check your name frequency here now.




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