The Abundance Blueprint uses your personal numbers’ code to uncover the missing link – a report detailing exactly what you must focus on to clear hidden mental and emotional debris, so you can easily manifest prosperity and happiness. Discover your “Personal Shift Number” – revealing important abundance-creation qualities specific to you that you need to activate. Find out how to shift sabotaging tendencies into powerful prosperity results using this powerful tool.

When you know these abundance secrets and apply the remedies unique to your code, you have the secrets to manifest a better, more prosperous life!

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Choose your 30-minute Private Intuitive Counseling Call with Tania Gabrielle by phone, and she will show you how to MAXIMIZE your Abundance Blueprint to the fullest extent possible.

order now___Yes Tania, I want to invest in my Abundance Blueprint and Intuitive Counseling Call detailing my personal map to abundance and happiness. I understand you will be e-mailing my Abundance Blueprint report to me as soon as it’s ready. I also understand I will benefit from a 30 Minute private reading with you by phone. I understand I will receive both the private reading and the Abundance Blueprint report for only $377.00.

order now___Yes Tania, I want you to create my Abundance Blueprint detailing my personal map to abundance and happiness. I understand you will be e-mailing the Abundance Blueprint report to me as soon as it’s ready. I understand I will receive my Abundance Blueprint for only $177.00.

Note: While we will make every effort to deliver your order to you sooner, please allow 2 weeks for the creation of your Abundance Blueprint, each one of which Tania creates in person.

“Thank you SO much!!! These blueprints are AMAZING! YOU are amazing!

I've had readings and astral charts in the past, but none as accurate and practical as what you have sent me. About numerology all I basically knew that “I am a 11/2 so teaching and spirituality would be good paths for me” and other things that were not really actionable.

The “Personal Shift Number” is a wakeup call – as cold as it could be, and it so clearly defines the struggles and challenges I've had in the past 4-5 years.

Thanks again. Lots of homework to do.” 🙂

Emiliio Karam

“After receiving my Abundance Blueprint which has been very spot on and helpful, I am now looking forward to positively energizing my life by adjusting my name to a positive frequency if needed. Thank you very much dear Tania for this comprehensive report. It is greatly appreciated!”

— Evi Georgiou

“I just listened to your July forecast, and I was going through my emails trying to find my Personal Shift Number. I finally found it (!) and just had to write to you.

After reading my Abundance Blueprint I realized that I have basically been mired in the shadow side of my Personal Shift Number. I have been scared that I will fail, yet have pretty much guaranteed that I WILL fail because I haven’t put myself out there. Yikes!! Can you say S-H-A-D-O-W? Anyway, I wanted to thank you for sending me this report last year. I have printed it out and will keep it front and center as I strike out in my new life.”

— Cathie Catlin