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Ready to make 2013 the Year to Ignite Your Personal Abundance Code?

Then take a look at this exciting opportunity…

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Creating a life of abundance is entirely in your reach in 2013! You see, in 2013 the Divine Law of Abundance gets activated in the universal numbers code. All you have to do is learn is how to activate your Personal Numbers Code specific to 2013. It’s not always easy, but with consistent support it is entirely possible, especially THIS YEAR.

Here’s the thing. If you are really living in your divinity, you will create money. That is why money is such a GREAT teacher!

First you have to know WHO you are, WHAT your Personal Numbers Code reveals about your gifts, and HOW to strategize
these gifts into workable goals for ultimate financial success. Of utmost importance is how your code aligns with the astro-numerology in 2013!

You need confirmation on whether you are on the right track – or not.

You need the kind of support that brings your abundance numbers alive for you during the next 12 months.

You need hear how embrace a new energetic experience that accelerates your vibrational state and creates brand new results.

Are you willing to step up this year and grow exponentially in a rapidly changing universe?

…a universe that continues to shift rapidly on the other side of 2012?

Are you ready to embrace Abundance in 2013?

You’re invited to the Abundance Alliance Mentoring Program!

For an entire year you will receive steady and consistent support as you elevate your life and activate your soul’s divine
abundance code.

Within this program you will learn and discover:

  • Your personal roadmap to creating the financial success your want
  • Energetically aligned strategies to help you manifest the income you desire
  • Which internal roadblocks are keeping you away from monetizing your gifts to the fullest extent
  • How to tap into your personal abundance cycles happening right now!
  • How to shift your current mindset into money mindfulness

For an entire year you will receive monthly, ongoing support as you leverage your Personal Abundance Code to create

Here’s what you get:

1. Your Personal Abundance Alliance Portfolio (Value: $297)

This report is designed to give you a detailed view of your gifts and lessons … it will also show you how to use your
personal code throughout the year to activate abundance through marketing and selling your products and/or services. You
can only create abundance by using your true gifts – revealed in the energetic frequency of your numbers code.

The portfolio includes your Pythagorean Planes of Expression Special Indicators, your Personal Power Days for the next
12 months, and your Personal Wealth Code derived from your Astro-Numerology Birth Chart. You will literally “see” the
energetic pattern of your birth code come alive. This will help you to generate a financial plan that is based on expressing
your TRUE authentic gifts!

2. Monthly Abundance Alliance Tele-Conference Events (Value: $2,400)

Once a month, we will all get together – LIVE via phone. During each session I will do in-depth intuitive readings, mentoring
and coaching work with several of you, while the entire Abundance Alliance community gets valuable pointers from what is
happening in your life and business.

I will also give an overview of the month ahead using the current astro-numerology cycles – ALL from the perspective of
manifesting abundance.

There will be a Q&A section during every call, so you have an opportunity to ask me questions about the work we are doing
or about your own life, work and business.

These monthly sessions will be up to two hours in length and allow us to go much deeper into activating your astro-
numerology than I’ve ever offered in group format before now.

During the year each one of you will have at least one opportunity to get an in depth coaching from me – working together
together one-on-one.

I will be making the mp3 recordings of these live calls available to you and you will be able to download them as well, so you
can listen anytime, anywhere!

3. Two FREE tickets to my “Wealth, Wisdom & Wellness” LIVE Astro-Numerology Event in Los Angeles this September, 2013 (Value: $800)

Meeting in the same room with like-minded people is a one-of-a-kind experience! Getting together with people who are as
passionate as you are about living a life of divinely inspired abundance is very special! Now you can attend my next live
event for FREE – plus bring a partner or friend at no extra charge!

This live event will allow for us to meet in person and give me the honor of teaching you incredible new in-depth discoveries
live and in person! As always there will be live coaching and plenty of Q&A.

The “Wealth, Wisdom & Wellness” Live Event will take place in Los Angeles, California in September, 2013. I will be
teaching you about an astounding wealth and wellness formula I recently uncovered in ancient manuscripts… and much,
much more!

SPECIAL BONUS for the first 15 people who register: A 30 Min. Intuitive Counseling Call With Tania (Value: $297)

We’ll get together on the phone and I will access the secrets in your Astro-Numerology numbers code. We’ll create a
financial strategy based on your goals for the next six to twelve months.

Your investment is only

$1,597.00 $997.00 for first 6 who join each month

Or choose an easy plan of four monthly payments of only $269.00

Your decision to say “Yes!” will instill such confidence in you as you step into the Abundance Alliance community and claim your rightful place as a wealth-creation being of Light… and do so with like-minded souls AND my unique gifts to uplift and support you!


guarantee9My 100% Money Back Guarantee. You have thirty days to evaluate your Personal Abundance Alliance Portfolio and the Teleconference content to ensure that this is the right program for you. If you feel the Abundance Alliance will not support you, please contact me and I will immediately refund your investment. After this thirty day period, no refunds will be given.


I'm so looking forward to working with you and supporting you in your journey towards creating greater Abundance by activating your Divine nature. Together we will help to continue the amazing shift in humanity that began in 2012!

Blessings and Abundance,
Tania Gabrielle