Wow. What a game. Couldn’t imagine a week ago I’d be talking about Eli today. But Peyton Manning’s little brother has arrived.
He’s been considered second to his famous older brother for four years now, quietly battling his way to the spot he’s in today – on the road to the Superbowl as Quarterback for the NFC Champion N.Y. Giants.
I didn’t watch the first game between the Patriots and Chargers yesterday. Not sure why, but I told my husband Clay that I couldn’t miss the Giants-Packers matchup in Siberia – because I had a feeling all day the Giants might win. He just shrugged.
It was a nailbiter. I could just sense the immensity of the moment affecting some of the players on each team, including the great Brett Favre. The below zero temps and –24 windshill added to the drama. Tied at 4 seconds to go, Eli Manning got the ball down the field for a possible game-winning field goal. But no – Lawrence Tynes missed his tremendous opportunity. Overtime begins.
After Favre throws an interception, I turned to Clay and said, ‘I hope this isn’t the play he’s remembered for,’ assuming this was his last game before retiring.
Meanwhile, Eli once again was able to get the ball just barely close enough for a possible game-winning field goal. This time, Lawrence Tynes overcame his previous two misses and scored. I didn’t like how the NY Giants coach handled Tynes’ miss before, so I’m glad he made it. And the rest is history.
Brings me to a question from a reader, sent a week ago.
“With the football playoffs happening at this time. I was wondering how the numbers on the players jerseys affect them, or if they even affect them.
“Thanks for all your great information.”
Yes, Jen the number on a player’s football jersey WILL affect them. The number 12 has often been graced on the jerseys of great quarterbacks. Terry Bradshaw, Roger Staubach, Joe Namath, Bob Griese and, of course, Tom Brady come to mind. 12/3 symbolizes shows leadership, teamwork and originality – all key ingredients.
Now, even though Eli Manning’s Number 10 doesn’t add up to 3, it is still a leadership number. Plus it gives him divine protection and the power of Instant Manifestation, which can go either way.
Additionally, Eli was born on a 3 day, giving him all the creativity he needs.
He’s got another big factor in his favor.
Eli Manning’s name adds up to the number of Magic and Alchemy. He’s shown his ability to pull a rabbit out of a hat at critical moments in the last four games. His name helps him tremendously.
Speaking of the last four games – all but one has taken place in 2008. The Patriots-Giants 38-35 nail-biter was played on December 29. That one got Eli on a roll. Once we hit 2008, he’s propelled the Giants to three straight wins. All as underdog.
Why have things changed for Eli in 2008?
Consider Eli was in a 13 Personal Year in 2007. A year of transformation, endings and new beginnings. Old ideas were swept away to make room for healthier, more successful ones. It was a year of growth for Eli.
Here’s a big reason 2008 began with a bang for Eli. His Life Purpose Number is the SAME as his Personal Year number. This is huge. It means, he has a double whammy of Freedom and Adventure going on. And when you factor in what his Life Purpose means, you’ll understand why Eli’s burst onto the scene.
His number represents honor, fame and material gain. It gives him a quick and clever mind, and an ability to learn easily and retain what he’s learned. It also gives him the courage to manifest his ideas in the physical world.
Eli thrives on constant change and adventure. Football is full of changes, reversals, ups and downs. So it’s really important for him to take each moment and mold it into something positive.
Yes, he has a quiet, ‘aw shucks’ demeanor about him. But, believe me, it hides a fiery internal nature.
Finally, his Life Purpose Number gives him tremendous physical agility, increasing his brain power and circulation. His agile body and fiery mind make him highly successful.
Yesterday, Eli was able to stay focused for the big win. It’s obvious he thrives on adversity, on being the underdog. Superbowl Sunday on February 3 will test him to the limits. I’ll preview the numbers for that game ahead of time. Remember that number ‘3.’
For YOUR Life Purpose Number and much more, go and savor your own Personal Numerology Blueprint. Absolutely nothing is more valuable than knowing YOUR Destiny.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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