Some were surprised I haven’t written about Eliot Spitzer yet. Was waiting to get more facts. Now your wish is my command.
Yesterday it was the Number 8 for Hillary and Ferraro. Today, the number 4 is under the limelight. Spitzer has three more days left as Governor of New York. And the numbers that led up to his resignation are astounding.
First and foremost is the number 4. Spitzer’s Life Purpose Number is 31/4 – also referred to as the Genius number, befitting someone who received a perfect score on his LSAT and went on to Harvard Law School.
He’s the 58th Governor of New York, and that adds up to 13/4. Remember how JFK was the 35th President, and how he died in a 35/8 Personal Year. So these ‘coincidental’ numbers actually matter.
4 people in general shouldn’t increase the power of the number 4 with another 4. The combination of two 4s, or an extra 4 here and there with a birth number of 4, creates an 8. The ancients warned people to try to avoid this very combo.
Enter ‘Kirsten’ into the equation. Kirsten’s name is a 22/4. Even her birthname, Ashley Re Maika DiPietro is a 40/4.
Now look at the day the tryst between ‘Kirsten’ and Eliot Spitzer occured. Namely, February 13 – also a 4.
Then there’s Spitzer’s Personal Year in 2008 – he’s in a 17/8 year.
You see how the numerous 4s and his 8 Year are combining here. Let me add one more date to this already potent brew. Spitzer has chosen this coming Monday as the day he resigns as Governor of New York. Well Monday is the 17th – another 8 AND the same as his Personal Year.
Numbers 4 and 8, which the ancients called fateful, are magnetically attracted to each other.
Here are some additional insights as well. Governor Spitzer was born on the 10th – the number of Instant Manifestation. It’s a great number, and surely helped him succeed and amass wealth. However, instant manifestation goes both ways, up – and down. You can manifest good – or bad.
To top it off, the story about Mr. Spitzer and ‘Kirsten’s’ liaison hit the airwaves on March 10.
Another funny thing is, the name ‘Emperor’s Club’ adds up to the exactly the same number as Eliot Spitzer’s name does. Why is this important. Because the number stands for risk, adventure and freedom. You could argue all three qualities are apt descriptions for each.
I also found the number 16/7 which is no surprise. It symbolizes a ‘fall from a high place.’ What an apt metaphor.
Remember how I started by saying the numbers in this case were astounding. Here’s the icing on the cake. ‘Kristen’s’ current name is Ashley Dupre. That name adds up to 16/7.
The room number their tryst occurred in was – Room 871. Which ALSO adds up to 16/7.
A fall from a high place. Revealed in full color by the numbers at play.
Though Eliot Spitzer isn’t aware of how numbers have influenced his life, it’s perfectly clear, they ARE active. Numbers and names are vibrations, pure and simple. They affect you whether you’re aware of it or not.
To give you another example, Mark Twain’s name adds up to 17/8, the Immortality Number. His books will be around forever. He didn’t KNOW that changing form Samuel Clemens to Mark Twain would ensure his name would live long after he was gone. But it has.
More reason to know what YOUR blueprint reveals about your name and numbers.
Your very own Personal Numerology Blueprint – and I mean personal as in non-computer-generated – awaits you now.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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