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After taking my daughter Claire to her first day of 2nd grade this morning I heard on the radio that Eunice Kennedy Shriver had died.

I had originally planned to write about another
person today, but heard the news and wanted to share what I found.


Like any family the Kennedys have a set of
numbers running through nearly every member of their clan. For the Kennedys those
main numbers are 4 and 8, 7 and 11. These four vibrations tie this family
directly to the United States.


Eunice Kennedy Shriver was the fifth child of Joseph
P. and Rose Kennedy – and sister to President John F. Kennedy, Senator Ted
Kennedy and Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Her daughter Maria Shriver is married to
California Governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.


She founded the Special Olympics, which began in
her backyard in 1962 as a summer day camp.


Shriver was the one who persuaded the rest of
the Kennedy clan to go public with one of their big secrets – the story about
her mentally disabled sister, Rosemary.


Her birth blueprint reflects Shriver's great
interest in taking a lead and speaking up. With a Double 3 – both her Life
Purpose and Destiny resonate to this number – she was a light to the world
bringing joy and uplifting those around her.


Born on a 10 Day, Eunice knew how to lead, think
outside the box and creatively manifest her goals.


These main three vibrations in her birth
blueprint perfectly describe the woman who fearlessly spoke up for the disabled
around the world.


Like other members of the Kennedy clan, Eunice
also had a prominent 4 or 8. ‘Eunice Kennedy Shriver' adds up to 22/4 in the
ancient Chaldean system I use for your current name.


Her most famous brother ‘John F. Kennedy' had a
26/8 current name. Plus he was the 35/8 th U.S. President. Her surviving
brother is known as both ‘Ted Kennedy' a 13/4 and ‘Edward Kennedy' a 31/4 name.
This 4 and 8 recipe is a major theme in the Kennedy family and explains many of
the fateful events that have befallen their members.


I write about the Kennedys extensively in my
book ‘The Unrevealed Secrets of Political Success – How Names and Dates Shape
U.S. History' – with a whole chapter devoted to this important American family.


When I looked at today's date I noticed that Eunice
Kennedy Shriver's death activates her birth blueprint in a major way.


More often than not, major transitions –
including passing over – happen sometime during 9 and 1 cycles. As you move
from a 9 Personal Year or Month to a 1 Personal Year or Month you are letting
go of the old and welcoming the new.


And so it was for Eunice Kennedy Shriver.


2009 is a 19/10/1 Personal Year for her.
Remember she was born on a 10/1 Day, so this year connects BOTH into her birth
blueprint AND activated a major transition in her life since she was in a 1


On top of that, August is a 27/9 Personal Month
for her. So she's triggering both the 1 and 9 cycles this month. The number 9
also forms a trilogy with the Double 3 in her birth blueprint and symbolizes
her compassion and courage to speak out on behalf of others.


Finally, it's the 11th of August today
– and amazingly for Shriver it was a 29/11 Personal Day. 11 is a Master Number
of amazing creativity and leadership, and Eunice Kennedy Shriver certainly
embodied those qualities.


11 also symbolizes a gateway into the Light.


Consider what she accomplished and you'll see
all these numbers activated.


Upset by how disabled people in institutions
were being treated in the 1950 and 60s, Shriver started inviting disabled
children to a summer day camp on her farm in Maryland. As her vision expanded
over the years they culminated in the first International Special Olympics held
in Chicago in 1968.


How appropriate then that the date of Eunice
Kennedy Shriver's death symbolizes her incredible contribution to our world.


May she rest in Peace.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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