I want to share a big secret with you. Did you know your NAME has a BIG influence on your quality of life? I know this may sounds strange, but YOUR NAME is your most powerful asset.

Why? Because the name you are using right now resonates to a VERY SPECIFIC frequency that is either helping you and supporting you, OR making your life challenging and difficult. And that means EVERY part of your life is affected by your name.

Here’s what happens: A challenging current name will always attract more hurdles. More often than not, your life feels out of sync, unfulfilled and incomplete. It’s not that you can’t have success. It’s that something is missing.

Now you can bypass unnecessary obstacles in your life by making sure your current name adds up to a fortunate number!

In Ecclesiastes it says that your name is more important than the most precious ointment. And I agree. Because, with a Fortunate Name …

  • Your life is much more effortless.
  • Doors open that were formerly closed.
  • You become more conscious because you’re not worrying about life like you did before.
  • More Opportunities appear – and they appear at the perfect time.
  • You begin living on your OWN terms – and stop depending on others people’s ideas of who you should be.
  • Supportive people walk into your life unexpectedly and shift you in a powerful way.

When you get “Your Wealthy Name Code” report I’ll check your current name. If your name is challenging, it usually only needs a slight change of spelling in order to resonate to a fortunate number. So I’ll give you at least two Fortunate Alternatives. Usually that means adding, changing or subtracting one letter in your first or last name.

Either way, you can use your new fortunate spelling right away and begin shifting your life! A name change is really that powerful.

This report is also a powerful tool for your business. Use it to ensure your website, programs and products, event names and book titles are lined up vibrationally to generate abundance by emitting a highly positive vibration.


order now ____ Yes Tania, I want to benefit from the Your Wealthy Name Code Report right away. I understand that you will look at my personal OR business name and choose the most fortunate spelling. I also understand that, if my name adds up to a challenging vibration, you will create at least two new fortunate spellings for me. Because I'm ordering NOW, I will receive my report only $197.00 (normally $297.00).

Note: While we will make every effort to deliver your order to you sooner, please allow up to 14 days for the creation of your “Your Wealthy Name Code” Report, each one of which Tania creates in person and sends to you by email.

“Until I had Tania look at the name I had been using for the last 25 years, I had no idea how much it was working against me! When she described the energy of the name my response was “you have just described the last 25 years of my life!”

“What she shared with me exactly paralleled my experience over my entire adult life (I started using that name when I got married at 20) of building things up, reaching a great pinnacle then a big obstacle would show up to take me back to the finish line only to build things up again, reach a beautiful pinnacle, obstacle arrives, and repeat….

“I can’t recommend her work highly enough!”

— Ronda Renee
Divine Navigation

“I started working with Tania a few years ago. I found that my name at that time was an unfortunate number. Well, I can say it was… While I using that name, I lost my marriage, my business, and all of my money. I worked with Tania and found a name that was fortunate. Within a very short period my life changed drastically. I re-launched my business, got my self out of debt and am now completely debt free, and have found a wonderful partner! I feel that my life is on the right track.”

— Mary Baillie
Life Purpose Mentor

“Since I changed the spelling of my name, my credit cards and the name of my business I'm getting about triple the number of subscribers to my newsletter and it's only been about 2 weeks!” 

— Chriss Barr
Flying Star Feng Shui Expert

“In working with Tania I went back to my former name, as my married name resonated negatively. Wow, what a change that has made in my life. I could never put my finger on what my issue was during the five years I used the married name – however, it was a most challenging time in my life. Currently, my life is renewed with certainty and I have a confident direction.”

— Cheryl Ludwig
Boise, Idaho

“Two years ago you helped to name my first dental office with your “Your Wealthy Name Code” service. I was very pleased with your service and my office is doing very well. I am now ready to open a second office and would like your help again!” 

— Dr. Glenn Vo

“Having had my name analyzed by you, I have developed a clearer direction in life and have noticed immediate positive changes taking place both financially and most importantly in my primary relationship. Your analysis of some the struggles I had been facing in life were 100% on the mark. You have a remarkable talent at assisting people to reach great heights by making simple adjustments. I recommend your services to anyone serious about making powerful lasting changes. Tania thank you once again you are a diamond!”

— Dominic Knight GHR, MPNLP
London, England

“A few years ago, upon your recommendation, I began using a different name and spelling and WOW! What a fortunate name can do!

As a result of my fortunate name “Barb*e Stemmler”, I am now married to the love of my life. ”

— Barb*e Stemmler

“I just want you to know that since I have been spelling my name different, as you suggested, things have gotten a lot more fortunate for me. It has made a big difference for me. I would recommend that everyone look at their names and find the most fortunate spelling. It's easy to do and makes a wonderful difference. Thanks for your help in this matter. It's been about 18 months and I am still amazed at how it helps.”

— Rebekka Dodge

“Thank you so much for being a key person in my journey to my name change. The days up to changing my name in April and the days since have been so amazing I could have never imagined what the Divine had in store for me!”

— Sarrah Leigh-Ann West