Rudi Giuliani was riding high earlier this year. Now it looks like his top spot in the Republican race is about to be relinquished.
Back in September he had more support than any of the other Republican candidates. He was the front-runner, the one to beat. But Giuliani hasn’t been able to keep this momentum going. And, if you ask me, his numbers do not indicate he will be the Presidential candidate for the Republican party.
Here’s why.
Rudy Giuliani’s current name is a 34/7 – good for keen observation, learning and gaining wisdom as a result, good for overcoming disappointments from his early life – but not a number that indicates abundance and the Presidency.
He would have a greater chance as President if his Destiny number and Day of birth indicated otherwise. But no matter how much he wants the job, these other two numbers won’t help him either.
His day of birth is 28, which can indicate a life full of frustrating contradictions. For example, Giuliani studied to be a priest, then joined the Democratic Party because he admired Kennedy, later becoming an Independent under the Ford Administration and finally joining the Republican Party one month after Reagan became President.
Now, these party switches aren’t in and of themselves indicative of someone in conflict. However, once they are lined up with his career appointments, the motives become clear.
Giuliani’s 28 name indicates, on the one hand, that he has great promise, even a genius quality for getting results, and the possibility of achieving immense success. On the other hand, he’ll have a tendency to trust the wrong people. This means, Giuliani will attract strong opposition in all parts of his life. Enemies and competitors – in business and career.
The most important lesson for 28 is caution. Giuliani must always look before he leaps.
In a Presidential election with so many candidates, caution won’t necessarily bode well. In order to stand out, even a frontrunner must take risks. Giuliani has enjoyed riding on his laurels, and as we are seeing now, that balloon is losing air.
Voters are still undecided at this late stage, so the opportunity is great. The greatest leaders put everything on the line, at the most important critical moments. Like now.
Notice that Giuliani’s Destiny Number is a 7 as well. Having a 7 name and a 7 Destiny explains his early interest in the priesthood. 7 represents the drive for knowledge and wisdom. With two sevens Giuliani will be seeking perfection in everything. Thus he can be very critical of others, be difficult to work with, feel superior and act like he doesn’t need anything from anyone.
On top of that, he is missing the number 2 in his birth name, Rudolph William Louis Giuliani. So he’s prone to lack patience, tact and timing.
In contrast, Giuliani’s birth name has many, many 3s and 9s. Therein lies another contradiction. Since 3s and 9s show a talent for being on stage, having a great way with words, a flair for drama and compassion for others – the opposite of the more reclusive 7. Additionally, when a birth name has eight 3s and seven 9s, as Giuliani’s does, these numbers can be taken to extremes and result in a temper, mood swings, even jealousy.
Keeping his blueprint in mind and looking at what’s ahead for Giuliani in 2008, my conclusion is he won’t make it past the February primaries. I know, it’s a big statement. The timing of his pullout is probably irrelevant – if you believe, as I do, that he won’t be the next President.
On another somber note, Giuliani’s health could be an issue next year. So pulling out of a physically exhausting campaign might not be such great a disappointment for him.
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Tania Gabrielle
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