40 years ago, yesterday, my husband Clay vividly remembers walking out of a church service in Santa Monica and hearing the news of Martin Luther King’s assassination.
He was just a young lad, but knew about Dr. King from his family and school.
When I was reminded of the date yesterday – my jaw dropped. You see, I’ve been doing some research on America’s Destiny. And MLK’s assassination fell on a day which is fateful in U.S. history.
The number 4 is one of the most important symbols for America. The U.S. was born on the 4th. And many history-changing events have occurred on the 4th, 13th or 22nd of the month.
The two most earth-shaking events were Dr. King and John F. Kennedy’s assassinations. JFK died on November 22nd. A 4 Day.
However, Martin Luther King Jr’s death had another hugely significant connection to America’s destiny. He was murdered on a day for which the total numbers add up to 32/5. 32/5 just happens to be the Life Purpose Number for the U.S.A. It’s the Freedom number. 32/5 stands for liberation and change.
What this shows is King’s life and death had a powerful effect on America’s Destiny. The sudden end of his life shocked Americans and the world. More importantly, the wake-up call created an opportunity for great soul-searching and dialogue. About – Freedom.
Consider that even the name ‘America’ adds up to 32/5 in the Pythagorean system. Freedom is the keyword people still use when referring to this country.
Looking at the influence of the number 4 again, consider that the date for ‘Bloody Sunday’, March 7, 1965, adds up to 31/4. That day in history was a major turning point. It garnered public support for the Civil Rights Moment and was the most powerful example up to that time of the deep potential of King’s nonviolent approach.
King was not present that day. However he did organize another march on March 25 which ALSO adds up to a 4.
‘I've been to the mountaintop’ is the popular name of the last speech he gave on April 3, 1968. Yes, that day also is a 31/4.
The next day, April 4, King was assassinated.
Martin Luther King won the Nobel Peace Prize at age 35, the youngest recipient ever. In the Ancient Egyptian system a 4 Day signifies Peace, and shows working for peace was one of King’s main missions.
He died at age 39. May his legacy continue to inspire.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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