I’ve been hearing from people around the world about translating their alphabets into English. They want to know if their names can work with Pythagorean Numerology.
‘I have one question. Since I am Greek and therefore I use the Greek Alphabet in my name does your program apply to other alphabets as well? Please note that there is no direct equivalent of my name in English. Thank you and best regards,
D. Papathanasiou
The answer is – Yes.
The English alphabet – which is the same alphabet used in most western European languages – evolved roughly in this order – Egyptian, Cuneiform, Hieroglyphs, Phoenician, Hebrew, Greek, Roman, English.
Another branch emerged from Greek. That branch led to Cyrillic languages like Russian, Serbian, Greek and Bulgarian. Their alphabets resemble the English one with the addition of special characters and various accents.
I have created blueprints for Chinese, Japanese and Indian clients, using their given names. If you give me the direct equivalent of your name in the English language along with your birthday, you will most definitely receive a fully functioning Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint.
The important thing to remember is this.
The name you or any person uses Now is your Power Name. Whether it is original to the English alphabet or not.
It can always be changed if the numbers aren’t resonating with your goals. You can also change as little as 1 letter to create the numerological vibrations you want. I help clients choose their Power Name all the time. No matter which country they are from.
So, if you have a name using foreign characters, by all means discover what it resonates to in English. My foreign clients are equally amazed and fulfilled when they read what their four Driving Forces are.
Every letter in your name matters. Just like a song’s mood is derived directly from the combination of each musical note, your name’s ‘mood’ comes as a direct result of each individual letter.
Make sure you KNOW what your name signifies.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French

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