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Once again I am writing about a
disruptive earth event. The remote volcano in Iceland has caused havoc around
the world.


Since I am traveling by air
tomorrow, this story is of special interest to me.


Volcanic ash has spread across
parts of European airspace, causing the cancellation of some 17,000. The
busiest airports – London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris – are all closed.


Of course this affects all flights
from the rest of the world TO Europe as well. What a mess.


As I have stated all month, the
number 7 is in affect in April.


7 will often disrupt plans because
it represents an element of surprise. The unexpected events, which arise with a
7 always will prompt you to look within for answers. This is because 7
represents the lightning bolt of insight and intuition.


Coupled with the drama of our 3
Universal Year in 2010 – it is no surprise we are witnessing these events.


Well, this morning I checked the
numbers for the European Union – the area most affected by Icelands erupting


Amazingly, the European Union is
in a 7 Personal Year in 2010.


Just like Poland.


Secondly, the 14th of
April when the latest series of eruptions began, was a 16/7 Personal Day for
the European Union


In a current cycle, 16/7 often
symbolizes. an entity or person with a crown on it's head being struck by
lightning and falling from a high place. Well that is exactly what is happening
in Europe.


As usual the numbers give us the
inside story on current events.


This is why it is so important to
be in touch with your own personal cycles. Be sure you have a copy of ‘Your
Next 12 Months'
report. This blueprint will guide you through your immediate


Meanwhile, to all my friends in
Europe – I hope the jet-stream favors a clearing of your airspace soon.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Your birth name, current
name, birthday and current cycles create an amazing story about who you are and
where you are going. My New ‘Secrets and Mysteries' DVD package shows you how
to forecast your future. Use this powerful information to create the best
possible outcome in your life.


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