Today Mercury Retrograde is creating a dynamic square to Mars.

Mars recently entered its own sign of Aries where it will remain for six months (due to an upcoming retrograde which begins in September).

Mars represents our passion, energy, drive and libido. Mercury symbolizes communication, words, language and the lower mind.

Mercury in Retrograde in the nurturing sign of Cancer activates loving language.

With this Mars/Mercury connection, a revolutionary transformation is taking place in your HEART.

You are discovering how love can inspire everything you do and say.

LOVE is the language of God.

Sharing the gift of Love make you a Love Manifestor.

When you make love a priority, love is attracted to you in a big way.

Since Mercury is starting to slow down before stationing direct again on July 12, it is at the peak of its powers – which makes the 90° contact with Mars especially STRONG!

Here are some tips for the next few days:

It’s not the best time to make big decisions.

  • Take it easy for the rest of the week.].
  • Try not to rush into things or act hastily.
  • Use the heightened passionate energy to immerse yourself in a creative project.
  • Exercise more to release any inner tension.
  • Breathe deeply before communicating your thoughts and feelings.

The collective awakening of Humanity and Earth is close! We are in the midst of the shift now.

This is a time to celebrate, not to focus on what worries you.

Be in a state of knowing, instead of seeking knowledge about the future.

Being present brings instant, unfiltered blissful knowingness.

Everything you need to know in order to proceed is contained in the PRESENT MOMENT.

Listening to Mother Father God speak through your intuition is your birthright.

Acting on what you intuitively sense is your choice.

However, if there was ever a time to listen DEEPLY and act PASSIONATELY it is now.

July’s 11 Universal Month is resetting energy, allowing you to release all old playbooks, every last morsel of “this is how it was always done…” and replace it with …. trust and surrender.

To help you through the transition, find stillness in your heart. Feel your way into every engagement.

Pursue that what feels good. What feels lighter.

And speak lovingly, tenderly, courageously.

Your awakening is foremost a conscious movement from fear to LOVE.

As you think and speak, act and chose love over fear, you take part in your own spiritual transformation.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer square to Mars asks you to remember your origins and put your original spark to good use.

Love is the only Reality.

Love is who you are.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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