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When I heard a few days ago that skater and former child actor Christopher Bowman had suddenly died, I took a look at his name.
Bowman was a great skater in his time, and two time U.S. Champion. He was a true performer – and the highlight of any skating event.
Bowman had what many felt was the most pure talent of his generation with an exuberance and charisma that perfectly fit his 30 day of birth. The result, he was able to bridge his athletic gifts with an amazing ability to stir an audience. This guy had more charm and charisma than Katarina Witt. Remember, he skated during an era where things were still polite – and restrained. This was before Tonya hit Nancy.
Unfortunately, Bowman got caught up in the drug culture of Hollywood and was known to prefer partying to practicing.
His 4 Life Purpose Number demanded he learn discipline, diligence and order. It demanded he develop a good work ethic through constant practice. The 4 gave him an opportunity to leapfrog his craving for constant drug-induced stimulation – by applying himself. Instead, Bowman frustrated his coaches by skipping out on practices and then trying to cram it all in before big competitions.
Christopher Bowman’s name did not help matters. It adds up to a 16.
Two other skaters have this number prominent in their blueprints – Oksana Baiul, the Olympic Champion who’s had a turbulent life including bouts with alcoholism. And Maxim Staviski, the Russian world champion ice dancer. Staviski may serve 10 years in prison for causing a car accident in August which killed one person and left another in a coma. This, after police warned him earlier in the evening to be careful.
The ancient Chaldeans describe the number 16 as ‘a fall from a high place.’ Many people with this number reach incredible heights. Then at some point their goals can be defeated – dramatically. The key to having a 16 is to listen VERY closely when your intuition warns you of danger. These warnings can come through dreams, gut feelings, hunches – or, as with Maxim – police warnings.
If you were born on the 16th or have a name adding up to this number, I highly recommend one thing. Make sure your current name resonates to a highly fortunate vibration. It will alleviate much unnecessary hardship.
I have seen the ‘16’ scenario enough to know, this change always helps to smooth the way to a life of success AND peace of mind.
Get the full story on your name and numbers. You’ll notice that in your 24-27 page Personal Numerology Blueprint I make sure you have a name that helps you – rather than hinders you in fulfilling your dreams.
This blueprint has already changed lives worldwide.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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